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Merchant of Venus Now Carrying Incredibles Merchandise as it Adds “Tomorrowland Expo” Theme in Advance of Incredible Summer

Hi everyone!

Pixar is taking over a lot of the domestic parks this summer, including at Tomorrowland in the Magic Kindom as Incredible Summer kicks off Memorial Day Weekend. I walked into the Merchant of Venus shop yesterday and noticed it was now a mostly Incredibles themed shop as Incredibles 2 nears its June 15th opening. The store says “Tomorrowland Expo” inside, and there is also a smattering of other Pixar merchandise. I was told by a Cast Member that Mickey’s Star Traders will also be more Pixar soon. Most of this merchandise, including the adult costumes, can be found on ShopDisney (that is an affiliate link). I know I will be asked if these are permanent additions, but I consider everything temporary, some for much longer periods of time than others. I figure this is more for the summer.

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Here is a look outside Merchant of Venus.

There is a logo for the “Incredible Tomorrowland Expo”.

I did see someone wearing an adult costume in Tomorrowland just before I noticed the shop.

Here are the adult costumes.

There are costumes for kids too.

One Strong Dad shirt.

Incredible Mom shirt.

There are a wide variety of plush items and more.

Looking the other direction.

The store really is mostly Incredibles, anything else takes up a relatively small space.

More plush.

There are toys and figures.

Elastigirl stretching figure.

Incredibles shirt and Edna Mode plush.

Incredible Dad mug.

Incredible Mom mug.

Jack-Jack plush.


Edna Mode shirts.

Mr. Incredible.

A wider view of the shop.

There is the smaller general Pixar area.

Talking Slinky Dog.

Boo and Mike Wazowski.

Mostly this area is Monsters Inc. and Toy Story. The Sulley’s tail is also back in stock after I guess being away for a while (I have no idea how long its been since it was in stock).

There is no shortage of Pixar merchandise around the parks, you can also find a lot at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as Toy Story Land nears its June 30th opening.