“Incredibles 2” Press Conference Brings Together Cast and Filmmakers to Talk About Newest Disney-Pixar Film

Hi everyone!

We were invited to the press conference for the new Disney-Pixar film Incredibles 2 in West Hollywood, California. The actors and filmmakers participating were Craig T. Nelson (“Bob Parr / Mr. Incredible”); Holly Hunter (“Helen Parr / Elastigirl”);  Samuel L. Jackson (“Lucius Best / Frozone”); Bob Odenkirk (“Winston Deavor”); Catherine Keener (“Evelyn Deavor”); Sophia Bush (“Voyd”); Sarah Vowell (“Violet Parr”); Huck Milner (“Dash Parr”); Director Brad Bird;  Producer Nicole Grindle and Producer John Walker. We do have the full 40 minute press conference and then read below for our article!

The first question went to director Brad Bird, asking him about how Incredibles 2 (14 years after the original) picks up at the same place the first film left off. Bird answered, “I just thought it was kind of bold and weird…because I think that people take the time that passes very literally”. Bird compared it with The Simpsons, which he worked on for 8 seasons and has run for about 30. The Simpsons “haven’t aged a day and they’re still on the air. It worked for them, so why not us?”
Holly Hunter (Elastigirl) was asked what her first take on the screenplay was when she read it, and Hunter said that there wasn’t one when she signed on (to laughter). Director Brad Bird “was the screenplay. He was my walking encyclopedia”. She called it a “retroactive thrill” because it took months for her to realize how great her part was and what she would get to do in the movie. She also discussed her role in regards to the current “Time’s up” movement.
Craig T. Nelson (Mr. Incredible) joked that he was resentful of his character in the movie, “Not saving lives, not exhibiting any kind of strength”. But then he got serious and called the experience “so much fun”, and that he was honored to be doing the film and as many of the actors and filmmakers did, talked about his role as part of the family.
Superhero films have been on the rise, particularly with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how movies have been churning out on a very regular basis. Bird was asked about that, and whether there was anything he thought he needed to change. Bird said he was concerned about whether people would be sick of superhero films by the time Incredibles 2 came out. But then Bird said he realized that what excited him wasn’t the superhero aspect, but the family one. He compares the superhero angle to a twist of lemon, adding to the film but “it’s not what the story is about”.
The cast was asked if they get recognized by their voices after being in the first film. Samuel L. Jackson very quickly stated, “Kids don’t do that” to laughter.  He followed up with that statement after the laughter had subsided, “But their parents do. And then they try to make the kid know who you are. ‘That’s Frozone, honey’! And then they look at you like, ‘You don’t have a blue suit on'” and he continues with a fun dialogue.
This is really enjoyable press conference to watch, the actors and filmmakers have a nice rapport and are really proud of the film (which has gotten great reviews, I am updating this a couple of days after I originally wrote it and Incredibles 2 is currently 94% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes). That seems pretty “incredible” after 14 years to find new stories to tell and to be able to reach what is essentially a new generation. Kids who watched the first film would be teenagers or adults now.
Definitely check out Incredibles 2 in theaters. While the press conference is extremely light on anything that may spoil the film in any way, I recommend waiting to watch until after viewing the film if you are really looking to not know anything at all.
Incredibles 2 opens June 15th, 2018.