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First 2018 Halloween Merchandise Arrives at Walt Disney World

Hi everyone!

We were at Disney Springs last night and noticed a Halloween display outside the Marketplace Co-Op. Inside the Centerpiece store within the Co-Op, there was a variety of different items from a mug to a shirt and ornaments and such – there will be more coming soon, particularly more apparel and pins are always available. This is the first year that we noticed Halloween merchandise first at Disney Springs as opposed to the Magic Kingdom Emporium. Here is a look at what we found. I wrote prices for many items, almost everything that was easy to get prices from (a few I missed otherwise). Much of the Halloween merchandise should soon be on ShopDisney.com (affliate link), but isn’t as of this writing.

Outside, this Halloween display was lit up and incorporates merchandise from the Co-Op.

The Centerpiece Store has changed merchandise offered fairly often since the Marketplace Co-Op opened four years ago, as most of the Co-Op stores have. Currently the stock is mostly Nightmare Before Christmas, Haunted Mansion and Halloween related. Halloween takes up the bulk of one corner, with other items also scattered around the store.

Here is our video of not only the merchandise, but a look around the store with other items. After the video are my merchandise photos.

This is the corner that Halloween is in now. Last Christmas, this area sold Ghirardelli at least for a while. You never know what you’ll find in Centerpiece.

Some of the ornaments here are Halloween related and a couple are from Cars Land at Disney California Adventure. Below, there are Jack Skellington hands, which I had not seen before.

The scare car here was at the front of Cars Land last Halloween. I like that Cars Land is so creative in changing up the cars for holidays and events. Disneyland was fantastic for Halloween last year! Most ornaments are $21.99.

I had forgotten this car was in front of Ramone’s House of Body Art, which was decorated last year for Día de los Muertos.

Zero has his own ornament and looks peaceful. This has been at the Christmas shops already at Walt Disney World.

Sandy Claws has his own ornament.

There are also Nightmare Before Christmas light-up ear bands. There are quite a few Nightmare Before Christmas items I’ve seen before, I am showing what is new. Below the ear bands are light-up necklaces.

Oogie Boogie light-up lanyard.

There are decorative pieces.

This table has quite a few items.

Candy corn in a small Mickey pumpkin, $7.99.

Witch Way door mat, $34.99.

Pumpkin antenna topper.

Mickey vampire ornament, $21.99.

Minnie as a witch, $21.99.

Mickey bucket.

Candy bowl with Disney characters, $32.99.

Goofy as a mummy, $19.99.

Halloween t-shirt that glows for $24.99. This also comes in kids sizes, $19.99.

Ear band.

Minnie plush, $19.99.

Donald Duck, $19.99.

Mickey plush, $19.99.

Halloween countdown, $34.99.

Halloween dish towels.

Mickey and Donald are on this towel.

Mickey ghost mug,19.99.

Mickey pumpkin candle holder, $16.99.

Pumpkin spice frosted pretzels, $8.49.

“Chocolaty” covered marshmallows.

Rice Krispie treats.

Goofy light-up lanyard.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows in a small Halloween cauldron, $11.99.

Ooogie Boogie rice cereal treat.

I took a photo of one of the Haunted Mansion items since I’d not seen it before, a luggage tag.

This is the back of the luggage tag.

Outside of Centerpiece is another display, this one with Halloween merchandise.

Goofy as a mummy decoration.

Donald as a devil inside a pumpkin.

There are a variety of different items here. Much more will be coming this Halloween season! Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party kicks off on August 17th, 2018, and most merchandise should be out by then.

We will bring you the Main Street Emporium merchandise when that is out in the coming days! And we will have plenty of coverage of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and the pumpkins on Main Street next week.