Living With the Land Adds More Holiday Additions for 2018 at Epcot (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Living with the Land at Epcot is one of my favorite Walt Disney World attractions and it has offered seasonal additions for a number of years now – not promoted at all. This year, the Christmas/holiday decorations are better than ever with more lights (and lighting) and other festive touches to the greenhouses. Here is a look at this year’s version, including a full video.

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Check out the 2017 version here.

Epcot Festival of the Holidays runs through December 30th, 2018, before Epcot gears up for the next festival – the Epcot International Festival of the Arts, which begins on January 18th, 2019.

Living with the Land is near Soarin’ Around the World in The Land pavilion, and the best time to visit is often just before the ride closes in the evening. On a pretty busy day, the ride was almost a walk-on by that time.

The greenhouses are where the decorations are. Up ahead, one of the boats glides past a “snowman” family.

Here is our video of the attraction and then more photos!

The snowmen would be made of sand or some other material, there has always been just one here but now there is a whole family.

They look ready to go skiing.

Happy Holidays from Living with the Land display.

As in previous years, there are ornaments lining this waterfall area.

A penguin is back for 2018.

Here you can see some of the pretty lighting. Also, there is a large Mickey shaped plant that is harder to see than usual, and a santa hat is on it. It took me two rides to see the plant.

The lighting is really nice all around the greenhouses, I have two photos of this same area – one after it started getting dark (less than a half hour after the first photo was taken).

Not only are there Christmas lights, but red and green lighting on the plants.

Green lights line this tunnel, which used to have alligators but mostly has fish.

Exiting to the other side.

Back again are a variety of wreaths, including sunflowers.

This plant again looks like a reindeer, a little differently than previously.

Lighting can be seen on both sides.

There are festive bows.

Holiday baskets.

This Mickey pumpkin has a bow.

There are different peppers in this wreath.

Christmas lights are on a variety of different trees here.

Another Happy Holidays gift display is in this location.

Cactus plants are lit.

And at the end of the greenhouses, stockings are back with several ornaments and snowflakes visible.

An ornament sits in the window.

This stocking is for someone named Justin.

I look forward to what the 2019 version brings!