Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

New Character Parking Lot Signs at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Bus Loop Opens (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Today there were some changes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with new parking lot names and signage featuring different characters and the bus loop now open (I have gotten a lot of questions about when the latter would happen!)

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Here is our video and then photos from today!

Minnie is where Stage was.

The Disney Skyliner is running in the background.

Jessie is where Music was.

Minnie and Jessie are side by side, and Tower of Terror can be seen here along with the Disney Skyliner gondolas.

Mickey and Buzz can be seen here along with Minnie and Jessie across the way.


Mickey is where Television was, and Buzz replaces Film.

Olaf is one of the Cast Member parking lots.

BB-8 is the other.

The Disney Skyliner was testing all morning while we were there.

There is one gondola fully revealed on the lines.

And the bus loop is open for guests, which is closer than the other one was.

Here is a look at some of the resorts.

There is so much more activity now at the front of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with the Disney Skyliner testing overhead and the buses now closer.

The restrooms are to the left in this photo, the bus stop to the right.

It was actually a busy morning at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, though not so many guests were stopping for photos because of the rain. It was nice to take a photo of Sorcerer Mickey without guests around.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is changing so much this year, with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on August 29th as well!