Book Review: Dumbo Read-Along Storybook and CD

Hi everyone!

I received the Dumbo Read-Along Storybook and CD to review. This is not the new live action version of the film, but based on the classic 1941 animated movie. I’ve reviewed many Disney books with CD, they are always similar in that they offer a solid narrator (in this case, David Jeremiah) and then the classic story. Unlike other book/CD combos I have reviewed, these aren’t the original film voices on the CD. Other voices are used instead for Mr. Stork, Catty the Elephant and Timothy Q. Mouse. The CD is 11 minutes and I like this type of reading experience because it helps kids learn to read by following along in the book.

The softcover book is 32 pages long and while the age range says 6-8 years old, I would really recommend it more for ages 3-5 or so. 7 or 8 seems a little old for it. I think the book is better for learning to read than as a read-along after a child has been reading already for a couple of years or more. That said, I enjoy some of the books and CDs myself, depending on what the movie is.

Dumbo Read-Along Storybook and CD is not my favorite of the read-along books with CD, but it costs not much more than a large drink at Starbucks and is a nice read-along for kids. These are almost always good values for books in my opinion.
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