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10 Things Not to Miss at Sesame Street in SeaWorld Orlando

Hi everyone!

Sesame Street in SeaWorld is now open! The land feels actually a lot larger than I expected (it is 6 acres) and the nostalgia is big as well. Meet and greets include characters from when I was a child in the 1970s, from Oscar the Grouch to Cookie Monster to Bert & Ernie. Music from the show, including the Sesame Street theme song and more are played through the land. There is quite a bit to see and do – we have visited during a Passholder preview and a media event and I can’t wait to get back! Be sure to check park hours and parade schedule prior to your visit.

Here are 10 things not to miss at Sesame Street.

First, here is our overview tour of Sesame Street!

1 – View the Sesame Street Party Parade – This exuberant street party is going to be a guest favorite. It can be seen at other SeaWorld parks and Sesame Place, but this was my first chance to view it and it’s a ton of fun. Characters in the Sesame Street Party Parade include Big Bird, Elmo, Bert & Ernie, Rosita, The Count and more – and the performers really bring a lot of energy.

Our video of the Sesame Street Party Parade.
2 – Meet Sesame Street Characters – This was my first chance to meet some of my own childhood favorites like Oscar the Grouch, Ernie & Bert and Count von Count – so that was really fun for me. We also met Cookie Monster, Elmo and Big Bird. The best time to meet them seems to be early in the day, before the first Sesame Street Party Parade.
Our Oscar the Grouch meet and greet video.
Our Ernie and Bert meet and greet video.

3 – Enjoy the rides at Sesame Street – These are six rides generally for kids but adults can ride all as well, so families can enjoy them together. They are all rethemed from Shamu’s Happy Harbor, which Sesame Street replaced. In particular, Super Grover’s Box Car Derby is a fun little roller coaster.

Our video of Super Grover’s Box Car Derby Roller Coaster.
4 – Find interactive elements and photo ops – There are quite a few interactive locations to explore in Sesame Street without buying an Elmo Interactive Light-Up Bubble Wand (which offers more). Ring Bert and Ernie’s doorbell, knock on Oscar’s trash can, and push the numbers on the Sesame Street Apartment Intercom to hear responses from the occupants (Grover, Abby Cadabbe, Rosita, etc.) – among other fun finds. As far as photo ops, you can pose on the stoop of 123 Sesame Street, at Big Bird’s nest and more!
Sesame Street Apartment Intercom.
Sitting on the stoop of 123 Sesame Street.
5 – Buy an Elmo Interactive Light-Up Bubble Wand – Extra interactive magic is unlocked around the land with the wand, just look for the symbol in various locations. The bubble wand costs $29.99.
Elmo Interactive Light-Up Bubble Wands.
Tap wand where you see this message.
6 – Look for fun Sesame Street references throughout the land – There are SO many references throughout Sesame Street, whether outside or in Mr. Hooper’s Store and more. Check out the store for the first dollar it made (in a frame!)
FlyBy Birdie and Scramilton posters.
Sesame Street and subway signage.
7 – Shop in Mr. Hooper’s Store – There is a plethora of Sesame Street merchandise! Some of it is branded for SeaWorld Orlando, some is branded more for Sesame Place and there is a lot of regular Sesame Street merchandise including plush figures. There are t-shirts for adults and kids, and even spirit jerseys.
8 – Enjoy speciality food and beverage offerings from the food trucks – I haven’t tried a lot of different items yet, we were able to sample some beverages and food on media day but one item that sounds particularly interesting is Cookie Monster’s Chocolate Chippy. There are quite a few different beverages themed toward Sesame Street to try here.
Sesame Street food truck with grilled cheese sandwiches.
Themed Icee drinks.
9 – Cool off in the Rubber Duckie Water Works (for kids) – For kids who enjoy watery fun, this is a decent size water play area. And there is also a regular playground as well, the Count-Around Playground.
Rubber Duckie Water Works.
10 – Visit Storytime with Big Bird  – Storytime with Big Bird had not started by the media preview day, but we will head back soon to check that out (and will post about it here). We did get to meet Big Bird at his nest and have the video below. This is where Storytime with Big Bird happens.
Our video meeting Big Bird.
If you love Sesame Street and/or have kids who do, I highly recommend visiting Sesame Street! It’s such a fantastic and unique new experience for SeaWorld Orlando and Central Florida.
Sesame Street (on media day, so much less busy than it will be).