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Disney’s BoardWalk Resort Halloween Cast Member Pumpkin Display Includes Disney Skyliner, Haunted Mansion Themes

Hi everyone!

The last days of Halloween are here after nearly 3 months of the season! Some of my favorite aspects of Halloween are toward the end of October, including the Cast Member pumpkin displays at various resorts. Disney’s BoardWalk Resort has the largest one that we’ve seen this year, with Jack Skellington again presiding over the display that includes a wonderful Disney Skyliner entry. Here are photos and video!

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Here is our video and then photos.

You can see from this photo how big the display is.

Disney’s BoardWalk Cast Member Decorating Display sign.

There are three Haunted Mansion entries this year.

This one includes the graveyard and Madame Leota.

My favorite this year is the Disney Skyliner with larger and small pumpkins being used for it.

The pumpkin gondolas have various characters on them.

Tinker Bell sits atop a pole.

The Disney Skyliner pumpkins take up a lot of room on the table.

This pumpkin features Disney villains. It is easy to miss that there are villains around the pumpkin, because some of it isn’t completely visible.

This side includes Maleficent.

And Hades is here, with Ursula behind him and not fully seen by guests.

There are pumpkins, candles and other touches to the display.

BB-8 is included here.

There is again the BoardWalk pumpkin.

Oogie Boogie and other Nightmare Before Christmas characters.

Madame Leota.

Hocus Pocus.

Pirates of the Caribbean.

This Haunted Mansion display features a pumpkin doombuggy.

The hallway is included with the candleabra.

And in the doombuggy, you can see Mickey and a hitchhiking ghost! You do have to look in the mirror for this.


The attic.

More theming.

Jack Skellington pumpkin.

What a great job by the Disney’s BoardWalk Resort team! We will have more from Halloween in the next 2 days and then we will head right into sharing Christmas as it appears this week.