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Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Gingerbread House Now Being Constructed (Photos)

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort is now constructing its iconic Gingerbread House, which will be displayed for the 21st year this holiday season! This is the best known of all the gingerbread displays across property and sells the widest variety of treats as well (Disney’s Contemporary Resort already has opened its own holiday gingerbread display).

We’ve been told two different dates for opening and will hold off giving any information until it is posted. But it may be earlier than usual – last year it was on November 14th, which was a little earlier than previous years. We have been to the grand opening for the last six years and hope to again this year. And as always, we’ll be posting about it once it opens! Here are a few photos and then video of the ceremony from 2018.

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This is the first day of constructing the house – yesterday this was just an empty floor in preparation for it. Once done, there will be a lot of shingles added, along with other decorative elements and landscaping. And then it needs to be stocked with treats and any other items that will be sold (like pins). My personal favorite items here are the gingerbread shingle and the stollen bread. I don’t know what may be new for this year, but those have both been favorites of many guests.

Here are some photos from above.

The house changed its location a bit last year, with this side now able to be seen upon entering from the monorail.

Here is our video from last year, which includes Mickey and Minnie!

I can’t wait for the Gingerbread House to open! We will be sharing as many different resort displays and decorations as possible this holiday season.