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Magic Kingdom Christmas Decorations from Omnibus on its First Day Back (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

The Main Street Omnibus was transporting guests yesterday at the Magic Kingdom after not being out for months. I am not even sure how long it’s been since we’ve seen it. The Omnibus isn’t out all day, we rode it after 9:00 a.m. and it left Main Street just after 10:00 a.m. It is a fantastic way to see Christmas decorations (on the top level) if you are able to catch it! We rode both ways, it is usually easy to get back on when at Cinderella Castle since most guests are heading into the lands at that point.

We will have video today of the ride, so check back later!

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I was photographing Candy Cane Lane when Jeff let me know the Omnibus was out. It was 49 days until Christmas yesterday!

Yesterday was grey for much of the day, it looked like it would rain though I’m not sure it did at the parks.

There were several forms of Main Street transportation out.

This is our video from the Main Street Omnibus and then photos.

The Christmas tree was placed in Town Square this past weekend.

This was our third visit to the Magic Kingdom since Saturday and it felt very busy in the morning on Main Street, which it hadn’t as much on Monday. I am amazed at the transportation drivers being able to get through on days like this, especially with so many guests waiting for Photopass photos.

Cinderella Castle is up ahead, and the “across the street” garland stopped when the Festival of Fantasy Parade started. The wreaths and bells are very festive.

The Main Street Trolley Show was also happening on Main Street at this time.

The Main Street Trolley with performers was heading down Main Street.

And soon Main Street was cleared of guests.

Performers wave from the trolley.

Here is our video from a few days ago of the holiday version of the show!

Main Street was clear for the moment.

This is such a great view, I recommend trying for the forward facing seat on top of the Omnibus.

Poinsettia plants now decorate the hub.

We arrived at Cinderella Castle, and then I have photos in the opposite direction.

We did have to exit the Omnibus and then got back on for the second trip.

Main Street was busy with guests again.

It is nice having this view on the way back. We have ridden the Omnibus at Disneyland Paris a lot, including at Christmas and there it includes a beautiful Disneyland (Paris) Hotel view.

Cast Members on Main Street had cleared a path.

The lines for Photopass were very long yesterday morning, much moreso than I usually see.

Mickey and Minnie are in the Main Street Emporium windows now.

We are almost at our stop.

Because of the trolley show, we stopped here with a terrific Christmas tree view.

And as we were walking in Town Square, I noticed Mary Poppins was about to ride the Main Street Fire Engine. I have seen her do this before.

This type of interaction has a very Disneyland feel.


We also stopped for a few songs from the Dapper Dans and streetmosphere characters.

And then I took some photos from the train station.

The Omnibus was heading back while we did that.

The toy soldiers were not out during our last visit, so it was nice to see them in Town Square and Candy Cane Lane.

We are getting ready for the first Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party tomorrow, we will be at the first three party nights! I plan to write up tips for the party by Sunday (and then will revise if I find anything else new).