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Anna and Elsa Debut new “Frozen 2” Costumes at Epcot’s Norway Pavilion (Photos & Video, Including Bonus Olaf Meet)

Hi everyone!

Anna and Elsa are now meeting at the Royal Sommerhus at Epcot’s Norway pavilion in their new Frozen 2 looks! (I did review the film in an earlier post). You will find the costumes now are quite different than the original ones. Here is our video and then photos below it!

Royal Sommerhus has been the meet and greet location for Anna and Elsa in Epcot’s Norway pavilion since 2016.
We were suprised to see Olaf, who doesn’t usually meet here! We were told he was visiting for just one day, but I would love to see him back again sometime. He does meet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios daily.
Elsa was waiting for her next visitor when we arrived.
Anna hands Elsa an autograph book.
And they had a quick chat before we met Anna.
I’m not going to give spoilers on the film past seeing the characters.
One more photo of Anna.
Elsa’s hair is now down, and this dress is much different than the last (which I think is still being worn in the parks too). But not only the dress, the whole look is different.
I expect the line for Anna and Elsa will be much longer after this weekend. We only waited about 30-40 minutes.
New Frozen 2 costumes are being sold for kids.
And Bruni the salamander, who has a small-ish (but adorable) part in the film is featured on a delicious chocolate cupcake in the Kringla bakery. We went to a media event yesterday and tried a smaller version of it.
Will you be meeting Anna and Elsa at Royal Sommerhus this year?