“Living with the Land: Merry and Bright Nights” Adds Extra Holiday Cheer to Epcot Attraction

Hi everyone!

This is at least the fifth year that Epcot’s Living with the Land attraction has received Christmas decorations throughout the ride, with lighting as well (see our article from 2018). But this year, Disney is acknowledging it as an overlay, and has added even MORE holiday lights! There are also some new decorations. I don’t know if the decor is finished yet (some touches were not there from other years when we rode), but the extra lighting is already available to view through the end of the year and Disney is calling it “Living with the Land: Merry and Bright Nights”. Here is our video from this year and then photos!

Just two days earlier, I had ridden Living with the Land to see if Christmas decorations had been added and it was still themed for the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. The ride gets additions almost all year long now.
The sand snowmen are back, and there are lights in the area leading to them. It is just the greenhouses that receive holiday lighting and decorations, as always.
The biggest change this year is the extra holiday lights, and this looks very nice in the evening! We’d love to hear some holiday music as well.
Living with the Land is one of my favorite attractions at Epcot, especially since it does change all year round – not just holiday/festival additions, but what plants are grown here and the Disney touches.
There is a small sign mentioning the new Merry & Bright Nights.
Passing by the snowmen.
There is lighting on plants, similar to last year.
Lights line the ground here.
This area is the same as last year. I personally recommend riding both day and evening.
The lighting in here is similar.
Green lights again line the tanks.
This is where it looks most different to me, with extra lighting.
And also as we ride through this area, the posts almost look like lit archways.
This is probably my favorite part of the ride.

There are holiday wreaths themed to the attraction. It ius hard to see here, but this one would be a pepper wreath. We will ride again Friday during the day for photos.
These wrapped boxes are new this year.
The reindeer Mickey ear frame/plant is back, but I think in a different location.
This area is similar but even more lights.
There are presents scattered throughout the ride.
Stockings and snowflakes are back in the window.
And ornaments as well.
We will be back at Epcot on Friday and I look forward to seeing if any additional decorations were added! And look for the attraction to close with the park starting November 29th, 2019.