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Review: Topolino’s Terrace Character Breakfast Offers a Unique Dining Experience at Disney’s Riviera Resort

Hi everyone!

After covering the opening of Disney’s Riviera Resort on December 16th, 2019, we went back the next day for the Topolino’s Terrace character breakfast called Breakfast à la Art with Mickey & Friends. We had booked this experience a couple of months ago, although it looked like the restaurant was taking some walk-ins yesterday. I expect this to be an extremely popular option on Walt Disney World property and I suggest booking it well in advance. The breakast currently costs $41 for adults and $24 for children ages 3-9 plus tax and tip, in line with other character meals. As of this writing, only a DVC discount is available. The breakfast also is one table service credit on the Disney Dining Plan (dinner is a Signature experience and will take two table service entitlements). There are four characters at the breakfast – Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy in new costumes unique to Topolino’s Terrace. That will be the main reason this breakast is going to be a must-do for so many guests. This character experience is a LOT of fun!

Here is a look in photos and video at our experience.

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First, here is our video overview – it includes the four characters, our food and beautiful views from Disney’s Riviera Resort!

Topolino’s Terrace is on the 10th floor of Disney’s Riviera Resort, and the East elevators will take you there.

Topolino is Mickey Mouse’s name in Italian, and the restaurant and logo subtly refers to him.

This is a quick view down toward the courtyard with pools – I will show the terrace at the end of the article.

There is some artwork in the lobby. I planned to take photos here and then we were called immediately in.

I waited until the end of our meal to take photos in the restaurant. We arrived at 9:40 am and were finished after the 11:00 am time for last seating.

I really wanted to show the windows with views that are all over the restaurant. This was a cloudy day but it still brightened up the space.

Topolino’s Terrace is printed on the napkins.

A couple of items remind me of Animator’s Palate on the Disney Cruise Line – including the knife.

When we arrived, there was a celebration that we were told happens every hour or so (it was actually about 45 minutes between). It reminds me of Chef Mickey’s but with Italian music. The characters dance around the restaurant to the music. They are also introduced every so often.

This is the menu, which includes the assorted shareable pastries and Epi bread, croissants with honey butter, house-made jam and chocolate-hazelnut spread.

There are 9 entrees, a pretty well-rounded menu that includes something for almost everyone.

Here is the basket of pastries, with the basket also reminding me of Animator’s Palate. The bread is very good – everything is.

Here is a closer look. It sounded like we could ask for more but we didn’t.

Very quickly the characters arrived. The server didn’t ask for our order until after we had some time with them. We really did well with our arrival timing, seeing the first celebration and then being on rotation for several characters almost immediately. There is a lot of room between tables for characters to walk around, and they all probably came to our table 3 times in about an hour and a half. When the restaurant is completely full, that might be twice.

Each character has a costume in their “roles” for Topolino’s Terrace. Daisy is a ballerina.

Minnie is a poet.

Donald is a sculptor.

And Mickey is a painter. I will have a few more character photos below, but you will not get these photos anywhere else right now. It reminds me of the Four Seasons Resort Orlando, where the costumes are just for that restaurant. I like seeing either unique characters or unique costumes and this will be VERY popular with those who love characters – or who love breakfast, so that covers almost everyone.

Many restaurants have a form of POG juice – passionfruit, orange and guava. It was offered as soon as we sat down. I had a little of it, the drink is a little sweet for me now in the morning. But regular coffee and other drinks are also included, so I ordered an unsweetened ice tea.

The chocolate chip muffins were set in a Minnie wrapper.

I asked for a children’s menu and then realized it would make a great souvenir for character autographs.

Here is my meal – the Sour Cream Waffles. I had a choice of different “proteins” – not just meat based. On it are “Roasted Honeycrisp Apples, Chantilly Cream, and Orange-Maple Syrup served with choice of Smoked Bacon, Sausage, or Plant-based Sausage”. I thought this was a very good entree, the bacon was thick and not the small crispy pieces. I haven’t had waffles in quite some time so it was perfect for yesterday. The orange-maple syrup is really good and gives a unique flavor overall to the waffles. Is it the best value for $41? No. But you should order what you want – the characters and terrace are a big part of the value here.


Here is another look at the waffles. This is a pre-plated meal but I couldn’t finish it (so no buffet needed!)

Jeff ordered the Wood-Fired Butcher’s Steak.  It comes with “Polenta, Pomodoraccio Tomatoes, Roasted Onions, Wild Mushroom Conserva, Watercress”. He really liked it and this may be the best value option for your $41. I had a couple of bites of the steak, which is a decent portion size. I found it a solid steak for breakfast and nicely seasoned. It isn’t the best steak I have ever had, but Jeff would order it again.

The celebration started again, and Donald was the first to come by.

And Daisy showed her Ballerina skills.

Daisy stopped for a photo.

She also moved the items on the table so she couldn’t knock them over.

And Donald stopped for one photo.

I went outside for photos. The terrace is lovely and includes a planter and a seating area.

The chairs are pretty comfortable, I stopped to sit in one for a couple of minutes.

Here is a look at the seating from this side. I think during dinner this is someplace you’d buy drinks. We have not been here yet for the evening.

From this angle, you can see “over the rooftops” and even look toward Paris with the Eiffel Tower in Epcot. Disney’s Yacht Club is in the foreground.

The Tower of Terror is in this direction. The entire day was overcast and hazy, so photos are not as clear as they would be on a sunny day.

Looking toward Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and then Bonnet Creek.

In this direction, the Disney Skyliner and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge can be seen.

Expedition Everest and the Tree of Life can be seen.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is a moderate resort while Disney’s Riviera Resort is a Disney Vacation Club Resort.

Spaceship Earth is also visible if looking around the building, and Disney’s Contemporary Resort can be seen as well.

Looking inside the restaurant again, the tables were set for dinner service.

I didn’t photograph the entrance when arriving, but where I am standing here is where some plush and other items were being sold. That is shown in our video.

These are the plush that are for sale – the four characters in their costumes. One of my favorite things about Disney’s Riviera Resort is how much unique merchandise there is, with and without characters. There must be 100 different items. I would love to see this extend to almost every resort on property. Guests do often consider the resorts their home away from home – I did for Disney’s Polynesian Resort when I stayed there in the 1970s and 80s – and resort specific merchandise is always welcome.

This was a fun breakfast and we do recommend it! It is probably my favorite character breakfast on property now. Remember that dinner at Topolino’s Terrace is a Signature Dining experience – breakfast is much more casual. And one other thing – there are two towers built at Walt Disney World this year. The Gran Destino tower is at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Disney’s Riviera Resort is in an area that used to be part of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and is next door to that property.