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Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Construction Update from February 10th, 2020 Including Fountain

Hi everyone!

Here is a look at the France expansion construction at Epcot that includes Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and La Crêperie de Paris (a counter and table service location). I took photos from the Disney Skyliner and from a Friendship Boat. The Friendship Boat gave me the best look at the Gusteau’s sign for photos. And details can be seen in the fountain that resembles the one at Walt Disney Studios Paris. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure opens this summer – no date has yet been announced, we still have Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway to open on March 4th, 2020 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios before the France pavilion expansion. This is one of the most exciting time periods I can remember for the parks with so much new opening in the next couple of years. Here is a look from today!

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Here is a look at the facades. They have a more whimsical appearance than the rest of the pavilion, which is more steeped in an authentic France experience.

There are a variety of colors and it looks more like what you’d find in an animated film – not everything is uniform – for example, the pipes on the chimneys or the shingles on the roofs.

Here is a look down into the upcoming area.

And from the other angle, you can see the fountain in the distance.

The fountain looks to be the same or very similar to the one at Walt Disney Studios Paris in Disneyland Paris.

At Walt Disney Studios Paris, the fountain is the centerpiece to La Place de Rémy. That mini-land is based on Ratatouille – but in this expansion, there is also the authentic creperie. So it will be interesting to see what other details lean more toward the film and what leans more towards general France. We’ve been on the ride many times at Disneyland Paris and I enjoy it, especially with Ratatouille being my favorite Pixar film.

Can you see Remy holding the towel? There are other Remy details on the fountain also, just like at Disneyland Paris but not all so far.

Here is the current top to the fountain.

Looking down more into France.


Here is another look at the facades and rooftops.

The Remy themed fence has been here for a while now.

From the boat, I had just a little bit of a closer angle to photograph it.

And here are a few more photos I took from the Disney Skyliner.

I can’t wait for this area to be finished! I will photograph it again this weekend.