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Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Refurbished Cars Family Suite Photos & Video

Hi everyone!

We were given a media tour of some rooms at Walt Disney World last month. We have videos of most of the rooms posted, and I am now posting articles about each. The first room I’m posting about is the Cars Family Suite at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. Jeff and I stayed in each of the resort sections on our own when Disney’s Art of Animation Resort opened in 2012, and I’ve posted photo walks several times (and I expect to again this week and will link it here). Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is the only Walt Disney World resort designed from the beginning with designated value family suites. Three sections of the resort offer the family suites (Finding Nemo, Cars and The Lion King). The Little Mermaid section is all standard rooms. Back when I was a DRC Cast Member and then an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner – years ago now – the biggest request I received was for connecting rooms for guests at value resorts. Family suites allow families of up to six adults to be together in one suite. I have always preferred the Cars suites over the other sections – it is personal preference, but I just think the theme is very well executed and still is after refurbishment. Here is a look at a refurbished suite!

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First, I want to share a few photos before we get to the room. If you’ve ever been to Cars Land at Disney California Adventure, you’ll feel at home here. It’s different but has Cars characters, Cozy Cone theming and more. And now that the resort is on the Disney Skyliner, it is more convenient than ever to travel to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Mater is here next to one of the buildings.

It was raining on this day so I didn’t take so many outdoor photos.

The Cozy Cone Pool is terrific, with “cone cabanas” that are first-come, first serve. When the Cars section first opened, we enjoyed staying and hanging out with friends in a cabana.

Lightning McQueen and Sally are in front of this building, which is where we are heading into. It is themed to the Wheel Well Hotel.

We photographed suite #2501. There is an upside down cone for lighting.

Here is our room video and then photos with information!

Each room offers a living area, a bedroom and two bathrooms. It is essentially the size of two standard rooms and is about 565 square feet.

I will show more of the living room lower in the article, but this is a good look at it. We each had a minute or two to photograph, so anything I may have missed should be in our video. For example, the drawers here look like a large toolbox and I missed photographing that by itself.

The bathrooms are nicely designed.

Back in 2012, the shower curtains were for sale to guests in the Ink & Paint shop. I wish I had bought one then!

On the shower curtain, Red the Firetruck is spraying Lightning McQueen.

This is the double-sized table bed. The design inside is Mater, and that is in our video.

Cars artwork can be found around the suite.

And there is a decal design in the table.

This pulls down, which is shown in the video.

A small drawer looks like a toolbox.

The bedroom has a queen sized bed.

There is artwork over the bed and cones in the curtain design.

Lightning McQueen and Sally are in this art.

The lamp is shaped like a cone.

There is a postcard design on this table.

The other bathroom is similar to the other.

The Carwash theme extends into this bathroom.

I forgot to show the H20 products on the wall in larger dispensers. I like that value, moderate and deluxe resorts now receive similar H20 products. The values and moderates did not used to have the Sea Marine.

Here is a look at the shower head.

The living space includes a kitchenette and a double sleeper that looks like a car seat.

The lamp here has several cones and a base that is a cone.

There are a lot of cones in the room, including plenty on the curtain.

Another thing I like with value rooms now is that there are premium products for coffee and tea – Joffrey’s and Twinings. The coffee maker here is a Cuisinart.

A bonus is the microwave, it is very helpful for heating up leftovers and such.

A small refrigerator is undernearth.

And here is a look at the hallway on the way out!

If you are wondering if you should stay at Disney’s Art of Animation over another resort, I will say this is my favorite of the value resorts. But for the price of a family suite, you may be able to secure a deluxe resort (if you have fewer than 5 or 6 guests). It is good to know your options – the family suites will be larger than a deluxe resort room, but there are more amenities at deluxe resorts, including pools with slides, jacuzzis, table service restaurants and more. And also important to note, the Big Blue Pool is scheduled to go down for a refurbishment in fall of 2020. That is the main pool, so it will mean more guests at both the Cars pool and The Little Mermaid pool. I encourage you to keep up with that information on the official Walt Disney World website.

We were hosted for 3 nights at Disney’s Riviera Resort as part of touring some of the resorts at Walt Disney World. All views are my own.