Magic Kingdom

Mickey & Friends “Boo to You” Halloween Cavalcade Brings Autumn Spirit to Magic Kingdom (Photos and Video)

Hi everyone!

We were at the Magic Kingdom for the opening day of the Halloween season on Tuesday and I’ve been posting about the various character experiences and cavalcades. Next up is the Mickey Mouse & Friends “Boo to You” Cavalcade. In the last couple of months, we’ve seen Mickey and his friends in a non-Halloween cavalcade which looks very much like this. Now, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Daisy are joined by other performers as they celebrate Halloween.

Here is our video from multiple angles.

This is the one cavalcade that has a banner like we see in a parade.

There are Sugar Rush Racers in the cavalcade, along with a grave digger, pirate and more.

There are two things I noted in my last article because of questions we have been asked. First, this isn’t a parade – it is a very quick cavalcade that goes by in a minute or two. Walt Disney World doesn’t have parades right now – it has a number of cavalcades that run down Main Street multiple times each to keep big crowds from gathering for any length of time. Second, this was the first set of Halloween cavalcade showings for the season and for the day, and it did get busier on Main Street because of that. Cast Members came around and encouraged social distancing quite a bit, but I suggest waiting until just a little later if the cavalcade route is busy early.

Each cavalcade had more characters than I expected, and it was nice to have performers too for the Mickey & Friends float.

Minnie, Mickey and Pluto are on the front of the float. They had these costumes on opening day but yesterday the characters wore costumes familiar from Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. So while this Halloween cavalcade runs every day, I am not sure what the costume situation will be. I was asked about the costumes a few times yesterday.

Pluto waves from the float.

It is really nice to hear music from Mickey’s Boo-to-You Parade here and from the villains float.

Mickey, Donald and Daisy head backstage in Town Square.

We watched it again in Frontierland while waiting for Chip and Dale on the Tom Sawyer Raft. The Cast Members holding the banner do wear their Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party attire (as do some other Cast Members in the park).

A Sugar Rush Racer, grave digger and pirate pass by.

There are no posted times for any of the cavalcades or character experiences. Really, there is something going on almost all the time – it could be a cavalcade (they run pretty continuously) or characters on the Main Street Train Station or in front of the Crystal Palace. That has been since the parks reopened. We caught the Pooh and Friends Halloween trolley like five times without trying and everything else twice.

Here are Donald and Daisy on the back of the float.

Daisy gets to be a witch, which is often what Minnie is during Halloween.


There were two Sugar Rush racers, with one following after Donald and Daisy.


The Halloween offerings are really a nice addition to the park right now and we are heading back Sunday to check out the Dapper Dans as the Cadaver Dans! They have been a longtime staple of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and it will be nice to have them return for the season.