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Disney Princess Rainy Day Cavalcade from September 15th, 2020 (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

On the opening day of Halloween at the Magic Kingdom, there was a light rain and the Royal Princess Processional became the Disney Princess Rainy Day Cavalcade. This is the first Rainy Day Cavalcade we’ve seen since the parks reopened in July! I took photos in two locations and by the time the cavalcade hit Main Street, the light rain had ended. We also have photos and video from the Main Street Railroad Station, where the princesses and Fairy Godmother occasionally interact with guests in a socially distanced way.

Here is our video of the cavalcade.

Cinderella was first in her own vehicle. 

Cinderella waves to guests.

Princess Tiana has her own vehicle as well, before the Omnibus shows up. I have a photo of Princess Tiana on Main Street lower in the article.

Snow White sits at the top of the Omnibus.

Rapunzel is below, with Belle on the other side.

Not all the princesses nor the Fairy Godmother were part of the Rainy Day Cavalcade. Most were though.

Here is our view on Main Street, where pumpkin decorations are also visible.

The pumpkins give a nice pop of color to the procession, especially with it being a grey day.

Princess Tiana waves from her car.

Ariel is on top of the Omnibus, distanced from Snow White and Jasmine.

Princess Elena sits on the bottom with Belle and Rapunzel.

Princess Elena poses.


Here are some of the princesses with the Fairy Godmother on the Main Street Railroad Station. Princess Aurora and Princess Merida are the two we did not see in the Rainy Day Cavalcade. The princesses interact with guests here, 5 at a time. On top of the station in this photo are Princesses Jasmine, Ariel, Cinderella, Tiana and Aurora.

This is our video with all the princesses.

Princess Tiana poses next to Princess Aurora.

Fairy Godmother and Cinderella stand with a Halloween wreath in between them. All of the princesses – and any characters up here during the day – stand apart from each other.

Cinderella waves to guests.

Fairy Godmother.

Ariel and Jasmine with a Halloween wreath. Decorations are less than usual this year but I think the Halloween season has been very well done.

Next up, Princess Elena, Snow White and Belle are part of the next 5 princesses to greet guests.

Snow White stands above a wreath.

Belle waves.

Princess Merida had a chat with some guests below.

Princess Elena.

Princess Elena stands next to Rapunzel and also was talking to guests. In a time where meet and greets aren’t happening in the usual way, this allows guests to see some of their favorite characters.


We look forward to being back in the Magic Kingdom tomorrow and will continue to post more about Halloween!