Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Halloween 2020 Overview in Photos and Video Including Characters and Cavalcades

Hi everyone!

The Magic Kingdom Halloween 2020 season is in full swing! I have taken several thousand photos, some are in individual articles on the site plus we have been posting videos. I chose about 90 photos and some videos for this overview article and they are on two pages. We have about 10 articles posted and I plan to have a roundup in the next day or two with all of them linked and videos embedded (and more are coming).

When entering the Magic Kingdom, you may find the characters and performers from Mickey’s “Boo to You” Halloween Cavalcade greeting from the top of the Main Street Train Station. These photos are from several days, as the costumes were changed up during the week. The characters are here first thing in the morning and then sporadically throughout the day.

Daisy got to be a witch, although Minnie returned to her witch costumes on other days. And next to Daisy is a Sugar Rush racer.


Donald stands next to another Sugar Rush racer.

Donald is in a super hero costume here.

On other days, he was a knight.

Daisy wore her princess costume on some days, this outfit is from her Storybook Circus meet and greet during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Pluto has always been a lion during the event so far.

On the last day I visited, Mickey was in his jester costume. It is not new, we’ve seen it before but not often.

Minnie is in one of two witch costumes here – purple but with green and black tights. It is fun to go to the Magic Kingdom and have some changes from day to day.

Here is our video including Jester Mickey.

We’ve seen this costume for Mickey often.

Mickey waves next to Pluto.

Daisy interacts with the crowd below.

Pluto poses for guests.

The Pooh characters ride the trolley up and down Main Street occasionally, and now alternate with the Dapper Dans as the Cadaver Dans. There is no posted schedule for any cavalcade or character experience.

Eeyore is in his clown costume.

He is a bit more animated here.

The trolley is decorated for autumn and pulled by one of the iconic Main Street horses.

Pooh and Tigger are on foot.

After the trolley returns down Main Street, the characters head backstage. Piglet is a butterfly.

This is our video of the trolley.

The characters can also be found sometimes at the Crystal Palace in distanced meet and greets.


The decorations are light this year. There are no themed pumpkins or scarecrows, but there are pumpkin wreaths and garland.

A lot of Halloween balloons were being sold on the first day.

Mickey’s “Boo to You” Halloween Cavalcade is fun. It is one of several themed cavalcades for the season, and this is every day.

It is the only cavalcade with a banner like in a parade.

I have photos of the cavalcades from different areas of the park and different costumes for the characters.

The lead Cast Members wear costumes from Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

There are a number of performers ahead of and behind the float, representing different sections of Mickey’s Boo-to-You Parade that is not playing this year.

The cavalcade runs from Frontierland and to Town Square.

Jester Mickey on my third visit with witch Minnie.

Frontierland often seems less crowded than Main Street, and actually the hub is often pretty good for viewing too. On the third day I watched the cavalcade, I walked from Frontierland to the hub to Town Square and Main Street was pretty crowded but other areas were not.

Mickey, Minnie and Pluto.


This was our first viewing on the debut of the Halloween season. Main Street was quiet busy during the first cavalcades of the day but not as busy for subsequent viewings. The cavalcades run multiple times per day each.


The float enters Town Square.

Mickey in one of his several costumes.

Donald and Daisy in their super hero and witch outfits.

And then as knight and princess.

Each cavalcade has more characters and in this case, more performers than I expected.

Mickey, Donald and Daisy head offstage.

There is also a Rainy Day Cavalcade with the characters during inclement weather.

The Disney Villains Cavalcade features a nice variety of Disney villains, some who we don’t normally see in the daytime hours (mostly during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party).

Gaston, the Queen of Hearts, Bowler Hat Guy, Captain Hook, Maleficent and Evil Queen are in the cavalcade, and Big Bad Wolf was also added. This runs 5 days per week.

Here is our video of the Villains Cavalcade.

Cast Members do hold up signs for physical distancing and I have had guests moved away from me when groups are being separated. Sometimes other guests pop into that spot last minute.

Sometimes Gaston walks, sometimes he is on horseback.

The Queen of Hearts is ahead of Bowler Hat Guy and Captain Hook here.

Bowler Hat Guy is from Meet the Robinsons.

Big Bad Wolf was a nice addition.

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