Disneyland Paris

Disney’s Halloween Festival at Disneyland Paris Debuts for 2020 (With Villains Selfie Location Preview)

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris kicked off its Halloween Festival for 2020, with socially distanced meet and greets and plenty of decorations. We were included in an InsideEars media event – and while Jeff and I could not be there due to travel restrictions from America (this would have been our 5th year visiting for Halloween time since 2014), Rony from DLPlicious covered the event for us. We also have friends who took photos of most of the Halloween decorations for us to share that I will be posting soon. This article focuses mostly on characters, including a preview of the Disney Villains location that debuts on October 1st!

Mariachi Mickey and Minnie are back! We saw them first a couple of years ago. They meet in Frontierland.

Donald and Daisy are ready for autumn at the Main Street gazebo. Honestly, there is little in any Disney park that I enjoy more than entering Main Street here with its spooky (but fun) sounds.

By Tuesday I should have a full decorations article up. The one thing I will say about Disneyland Paris, they didn’t skimp at all this year. It looks very similar to previous years in amount of decorations (which is a lot).

The brambles went up behind the castle again, and Maleficent greets from afar. She is usually on the ground instead.

The balcony makes a perfect location for Maleficent.

Jack Skellington is next to Phantom Manor. He has been here before or in a nearby location.

Max is back at Town Square, in a costume he wore last year.


Mickey’s Illusion Manor float is being used, but differently as a cavalcade float that includes Scrooge McDuck.

Chip and Dale are on the back.


And another recognizable float is in use, this is where Scrooge would normally be.

In Meet Mickey Mouse, Mickey was meeting with Pluto and Goofy. These are called selfie spots, safely distanced meets.

Here is our video.

Here are a few photos of the characters.


On October 1st, the Disney Villains selfie location will begin at Walt Disney Studios. This is sure to be very popular! We were able to preview it.

The Evil Queen was out.

This is our video of the characters and location!

She is one of many villains who could be here. We experienced four of them.

Gaston strikes a pose.

He posed quite a bit.

Dr. Facilier was meeting.


Evil Queen and Dr. Facilier stand apart from each other.

You might find Cruella here.


Cruella poses for us. The Villains location was really fun!

Mickey and Minnie were out for the event, they will not be in these costumes during Disney’s Halloween Festival. I thought the costumes might be new but a friend met them in these outfits 8 years ago.

Here is our video of them.



Main Street was very quiet, there was almost nobody left in the park.

Sleeping Beauty Castle (Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant) is always beautiful.

The entrance to Disneyland Paris with the characters looks as festive as always.

We will have much more from Disneyland Paris in the coming days! Thank you to Disneyland Paris for including Mousesteps and I’ll be writing up a full article as well in the next few days about the offerings.