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Disneyland Paris Offers Abundance of Halloween Decorations for 2020 (Photos): Part 1, Main Street

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Halloween Festival is in full swing at Disneyland Paris through November 1st! Jeff and I would have been there for a 5th Halloween season now if not for the pandemic and travel restrictions. The decorations at the park are always incredible and this year is no exception. Thank you to our friends Martin and Michelle (from Martinsvids.net) for taking photos and some video for us to share. I am splitting the pictures into two articles, since there is so much decor as always in Frontierland too. First up, Main Street!

Our first Disneyland Paris article includes photos and video from an InsideEars media event we were included in and has plenty of characters – more is coming.

Here is our Mousesteps Weekly show that includes a lot of Disneyland Paris Halloween.

Martin and Michelle were there for a few days, the last day being the kickoff of Halloween. In this photo the decorations are not quite finished (next photo they will be). The weather ranged from rainy to beautiful, as is the case at this time of year. I do always love walking under the train station on the first day of Halloween.

The ghosts and “Happy Halloween” banner were put up by the start of the season (which was September 26th).

The witch hats are back on the lights and there are pumpkins everywhere.

Disneyland Paris did not skimp at all on Halloween decorations this year.

The Main Street Railroad Station is open because the train is running – and that is unique because often it is not. It also gives a great view of Town Square and the decorated gazebo.

Mickey and Minnie were on the station to greet guests in the morning on Halloween. Other characters as well, but only Mickey and Minnie wear Halloween costumes here. There are a LOT of Halloween character opportunities, distanced.

The citizen ghosts of Main Street are back.

This one is a little different, last year and other years there has been a child for a photo op. A few photo ops are gone right now but the atmosphere and decorations are similar to other years.

The landscaping is as good or better than any other year. It is stunning.

The amount of decorations at Disneyland Paris is unlike anywhere else that I can think of (where I’ve been). Disneyland does a fantastic job, but Disneyland Paris is over-the-top.

The gazebo itself has ghosts, flowers, garland and lanterns.

Pumpkins and ghosts surround it.


The ghosts are a band. And check out the layers of Halloween here – the ghosts are above a planter of autumnal sunflowers and below that, colorful grass. Disneyland Paris started having colorful grass a couple of years ago. But just this one little area has several Halloween/autumn aspects to it.

Here is another view of the gazebo. At this time of year, there is often a real band too but I’m not sure if that is the case this year.

Here is another view of ghosts.

There is garland all over the gazebo.

Lanterns are strung up. The decorations this year are often very similar to last year.

More of the colorful grass is here, including below the baseball player ghost. And also Disneyland Paris leaned into using pumpkins as planters here and they look so nice.

These lanterns can also be found in Frontierland.

Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters are on them.

A pumpkin planter looks very festive.

More pumpkins can be seen here.

A baseball player sits on top of flowers on top of the colorful autumn grass.

The ghosts of Main Street are favorite decorations of mine.

A light pole has a witch hat and orange lights.

Another ghost sings.

A barber shop trio sits at the piano.

Another ghost stands beside social distance markers. Disneyland Paris has them just like we do at Walt Disney World – there are modifications due to the pandemic.

One of my favorite ghosts has a toothache. There is a dentist as a facade nearby.

This is Goofy’s Bon Bon location, where he meets guests.

There is a ghost here.


During the weekdays, the park hasn’t been too crowded and Halloween hadn’t started yet.

The Halloween garland across Main Street was added a couple of years ago and I LOVE it. Main Street garland doesn’t have to be just for Christmas. It lights up beautifully at night with the lanterns.

Rony from DLPlicious attended a media/InsideEars event for us, and I added a couple of screen caps here from video he took. It is another example of photo ops that have been changed.

This is the same ghost in 2018, with the photo op (which I’ve had my own photo with several times through the years).

And a fun little touch is the mask this year.

Outside of Main Street Motors is a ghost mechanic.

A ghost holds one of her two poodles.

The Omnibus looks so festive.

Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty Castle) can be seen beyond the light pole with another witch hat. This is my favorite Disney castle.

Pumpkin decorations are in Central Plaza. This area has been very popular during parades the last couple of years for show stop spectacles.

Designs can be seen in the grass.

There is also a pumpkin design.

It is a fun addition!

Here is another angle.

Look at all these beautiful pumpkins.

Near where Ursula is, the pumpkins become purple and villainous.

We will write more this week about actual Halloween cavalcades and more at the park. I just wanted to show some of the pumpkins on Main Street.

Generally, the pumpkins aren’t themed like Walt Disney World. When we have pumpkins (which we don’t this year), often they have a theme like ice cream carved pumpkins over the ice cream shop. These are fun pumpkins though.

Pretty garland is above Lilly’s Boutique, along with pumpkins.

1401 Flower Street is noted here above Walt’s. I don’t think Walt’s has open since we closed it out on its last day last September. We knew it was going to close but didn’t expect it to be more than a month or two.

More pumpkins can be seen here.

A skull pumpkin is below the Michael Eisner and Frank Wells window.

Thank you to Martin and Michelle from Martinsvids.net for the wonderful photos! It makes me really want to be at Disneyland Paris right now and hopefully next Halloween season that can happen. We will be sharing much more from Disneyland Paris in the coming days.