Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Epcot France Pavilion Expansion w/La Crêperie de Paris Awnings & International Gateway Friendship Boat Update

Hi everyone!

We went to Epcot today and passed the Epcot France Pavilion expansion on the Disney Skyliner. There are awnings now on La Crêperie de Paris. Also, a Friendship boat was out for practice docking as they will be heading to resorts for the first time since the pandemic began beginning on Sunday (November 1st) and I have a few photos of that.

Here is our video.

We were heading to Epcot from Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The restrooms can be seen here.

The walkway pavement looks nearly complete in the expansion.

Awnings can be seen above the windows of La Crêperie de Paris. And there is a menu board on the outside wall near the takeaway window.

I didn’t notice this in time to get a good picture, but it appears to say Crêpes à Emporter (Crêpes to go). I will get a better photo next time.

We don’t know when Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and the rest of the pavilion will open yet but mostly we hear sometime in 2021.

It was nice to see a Friendship Boat out. The boat was practicing docking when we walked by.

The queue has been ready with distancing markers and plexiglass.

Friendship Boat service is scheduled to resume Sunday, November 1st.

Many sprinklers were on around the butterfly.

And on the way back, here is a photo of signage we have shared before. Street signs were added a couple of weeks ago. 

Here is another look at the pavement with the fountain in the background.

And the booths were unwrapped again a week or more back (they were wrapped, unwrapped and wrapped back up as work continued at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure). This is the entrance to the ride with Fastpass, Stand By and Single Rider signage.

I am looking forward to the expansion opening! We should be back next Monday if not earlier for an update.