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Disney’s Beach Club Resort 2020 Holiday Treats Include Family-Sized Beach Club Gingerbread Carousel

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Beach Club Resort is one of the deluxe Walt Disney World resorts with a full slate of holiday treats for sale this year. While the full-size Beach Club Gingerbread Carousel is not displayed this year (none of the resort gingerbread houses are), there are holiday items for sale in the Beach Club Marketplace. They are on the mobile app so you can order before picking them up.

Several of Disney’s Deluxe Resorts are selling gingerbread kits or houses. Disney’s Beach Club Resort is offering a gingerbread carousel that looks very similar to the real one.


Ariel and Flounder are on the top. There are also hidden Mickeys.


The horses aren’t themed like on the full-sized carousel each year, but this is a very nice addition to the holiday treat roundup at Walt Disney World!

Here is the list of items for sale – the mobile app gives more information for each.

I purchased one of the Gingerbread Mickey Heads.

The Holiday Fudge Trio is small for the $8.99 price – I purchased it and the fudge is okay, but it wouldn’t be on my list of items to get again.

Unlike Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, there is a full-size stollen bread here. The Signature Stollen Bread costs $19.99 and I bought this as well.


Here are the items I picked up.

The stollen is in red, and the Mickey head gingerbread and trio of fudge are here as well.

We posted previously about the treats at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, as well as at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.

The Walt Disney World bakery teams have done a wonderful job this season (and since the parks opened) at offering so much creativity for guests to enjoy.