Park Holidays

Festive Flotillas at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Include Mickey & Minnie, Santa and More (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone –

Disney’s Animal Kingdom park has had a variety of Festive Flotillas during the holiday season! Mickey and Minnie with Pluto, Santa Claus and Donald with Daisy are among the characters you can find traveling around the Discovery River in socially distanced greetings. Here are the Festive Flotillas in photos and most in video too!

Mickey and Friends Festive Flotilla features Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. Here is our video.

Mickey and Minnie greet guests as they pass by. There are many areas around the park to watch them from.

Mickey waves.

We watched from a few different areas, including with the Tree of Life in the background.

Mickey, Minnie and Pluto can be seen here on the boat.

Next up, Santa Claus. Disney says about this flotilla, See Santa Claus as he sails down the Discovery River to a jolly, world-beat holiday soundtrack.

Here is our video of Santa.

Santa waves from the boat. These flotillas are in the place of standard meet and greets. There are some distanced meet and greets in the parks but more common are cavalcades, motorcades and flotillas.

While walking later on, I photographed Santa with the Harambe Theater in the background.

Donald and Daisy are in the Donald’s Dino Bash Festive Flotilla.

Donald’s Dino-Bash is usually in Dinoland U.S.A., and characters that meet include Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale (they are in separate boats).

Donald and Daisy point toward us.

Launchpad McQuack is also in the boat.

He also is normally in Dinoland during non-pandemic times.

The Tree of Life makes a wonderful backdrop.

Disney says of the Discovery Island Drummers Festive Flotilla, Feel the beat as a colorful group of percussionists cruise along the Discovery River, entertaining Guests like you on the shore.

It is nice to see the drummers as they float by.

Chip & Dale’s Festive Flotilla features Chip and Dale as festive dinosaurs (in their Donald’s Dino-Bash costumes).

Goofy is also in his costume with a holiday twist. Donald’s Dino-Bash was a terrific addition to Dinoland.

Chip and Dale wave.

My favorite place to watch (not as much for photography) is where Rivers of Light used to play. The outdoor theater is huge and is a rest area right now for guests to relax without masks. We bought sandwiches at Creature Comforts and then sat in the theater away from other guests.

Pocahontas and Meeko also are in a flotilla – not a festive one, but Pocahontas was in her winter coat due to it being chilly.

And Timon and Rafiki also are in a boat.

It was a good day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we enjoyed seeing the Festive Flotillas! The holidays at Walt Disney World run through December 30th, 2020.