Park Candy Black Friday Specials Include $10.00 Disney Inspired Masks, 30% Off Purses

Hi everyone!

Park Candy is offering special deals for Black Friday weekend, including $10.00 masks! And with code MOUSESTEPS, you can receive another 10% off most items. These are the masks we purchase and give as gifts – they include two filters and adjustable straps. Park Candy does sell apparel, purses and other items – we have a few bottle openers and those are nice. Many of the items will sell out (at least temporarily) and many also are early December preorders. Even masks that have been sold for months are often on a preorder basis.

Holiday masks have a shorter usable time frame than other masks, but I LOVE this adorable Toy Soldier design (and actually I will wear it into January or February).

Here are just a few of the many masks available.

Cinderella’s Snowflake Reusable Face Mask


Classic Spaceship

One Little Spark Reusable Face Mask

I am not even going to share photos of the purses because those often sell out quickly. They are EXTREMELY popular!

Any purchase made through Park Candy does help support Mousesteps! And the owners Steve and Carise are friends of ours, they started the business as Attractioneering and have several wonderful artists designing merchandise.