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Pluto & Goofy Visit Disney’s Riviera Resort (Photos, Video) in “Caravanning ‘Round the World” RV Stop at Walt Disney World

Hi everyone!

We were at Disney’s Riviera Resort today and while there, we saw Pluto and Goofy along with the character themed RV that had brought them to the resort that says “Caravanning ‘Round the World”. It is really nice that the resorts are having some characters again! Here is a look from today.

The RV has the signatures of Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

Disney’s Riviera Resort turned 1 today and we were finishing up a special dessert on the balcony where Goofy is when they arrived. Not long after we left, Goofy took our spot.

Here is our video and more photos.

Both Pluto and Goofy were posing for guests. This is a terrific, socially distanced experience and they also turned around to guests who were in the lobby behind them (and waved through the glass).

Here are a few photos of Goofy. 

Goofy posed for me as I passed underneath him to go back inside.

You never know when you might find the characters stopping by your resort! This was a surprise for us today.

Before we left, they did and we watched the bus as it drove off. On the back it says, “see ya real soon”!

It was fun to see them at the resort today! Definitely watch out for the characters when you are at a Walt Disney World resort.