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Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Photo Walk to Disney’s Contemporary Resort Via Grand Floridian, Magic Kingdom

Hi everyone!

This is a photo walk from Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort where it meets the Ticket and Transportation Center to Disney’s Contemporary Resort, via Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and the Magic Kingdom. I have a photo walk of just the walkway from Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort to the Magic Kingdom already but this is a longer walk with approximate distance & walking time – plus swimming deer on page 3! This photo walk is on three pages, one through Disney’s Polynesian Resort, one encompassing Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and the rest as we walk to Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

I started the walk at 7:44 a.m. and I already had 1.32 miles on the day (3189 steps). I took screenshots of my Fitbit information every so often. I photographed on one day and timed it with my Fitbit a few days later. Here is the walk!

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We are walking up the path to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

As I am posting this, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is officially closed until summer 2021 but the Disney Vacation Club studio villas are open as are the shops and some restaurants. We often pick up food here, and stayed in November.

There is more than one way to walk, but I’m taking a left here. It is easy to take the full walk in segments – for example, follow signage to Luau Cove. Once at Luau Cove, there is signage to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and so on.

There is a resort map to the left hand side.

Sometimes I also like to walk down by the bungalows – when we stayed here in November I walked that way each morning from our room in Moorea. That is a very scenic way to go but we are heading toward the Great Ceremonial House.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is where I grew up staying in the 1970s and early 1980s. It has changed quite a bit (especially five years ago) but is still my favorite resort at Walt Disney World.

We are still walking ahead, with signage to point the way.

We are walking toward the Great Ceremonial House and on past Luau Cove.

We are heading to the right.

We will be taking another left ahead.

Tangaroa Terrace was a restaurant many years ago that was located to the left, along with the former Moana Mickey’s Fun Hut next door (I grew up visiting both regularly on vacations).

We are also passing Tokelau.

Signage points the way to the Great Ceremonial House and Lava Pool, along with other locations.

There are currently a lot of A-Frame signs out across property for informational purposes.

The Oasis Pool is in front of us. The pool was refurbished for the Disney Vacation Club addition in 2016. I arrived here at 7:47 a.m., just 3 minutes into my walk.


We are taking a left toward the Great Ceremonial House.

The Great Ceremonial House has come into view, with the crossbeams now in place as construction continues.

We will be walking between Niue and Samoa.


Niue is on the left side, Samoa on the right. And just beyond them, the Great Ceremonial House.


The back of the Great Ceremonial House offers indoor and outdoor seating (orange umbrellas) for Captain Cook’s, the quick service location. Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto is still closed as of this writing. We do use mobile ordering at Kona Cafe regularly right now (especially for breakfast) and bring it outside.

The Lava Pool is to the right.

We are walking into the Great Ceremonial House. As I write this, the front entrance is closed due to work going on for the transformation. And the monorail is currently not stopping here as that work continues.

There is a construction sign outside for Captain Cook’s.

Pineapple Lanai is on the right as we walk inside.

Pineapple Lanai had not yet opened for the day when I walked past. It is a great location to buy a Dole Whip.

We are walking through the Great Ceremonial House on the way to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and eventually Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

BouTiki was not yet open for the day. I know it looks my entire walk was empty and it mostly was. Guests were at the parks and the parks are currently at a lower capacity due to the pandemic.

We are heading to the exit near Trader Sam’s.

There is signage above.

The display on the right is always worth a stop, there is quite a bit to look at (more than what I will show).

Minnie Mouse is in the window.

Auntie Kau’i passed away in January 2020, she was a beloved opening day Cast Member at the resort.

Captain Cook’s is located here, we use mobile ordering for here occasionally as well.

This hallway leads to Trader Sam’s ahead on the right. I didn’t photograph the door this time but the small themed bar has been closed since the pandemic closure. ‘Ohana upstairs is closed too right now.

We are walking straight ahead. Just around to the right would be the Trader Sam’s Tiki Terrace. Trader Sam’s is closed both inside and outside, but there is outdoor seating near the seating for Captain Cook’s.


The marina is to the right.

We arrive here at 7:50 a.m., 6 minutes after we started.


We are walking straight. The walkway to military-owned resort Shades of Green is to the left ahead.

Standard rooms are being rethemed to Moana during refurbishment.

There are some construction walls for the refurbishment but not a lot. The sign here points to the walkway to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.

There is a sign for Spirit of Aloha, which currently is still closed. There is a tiki statue here (there are quite a few tikis around the resort but that will be for a dedicated Disney’s Polynesian Resort photo walk).

We are turning left to walk along the beach and Seven Seas Lagoon. On to page 2!