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“Soul” Maquettes Added to “The Soul of Jazz: an American Adventure” Exhibit at Epcot

Hi everyone!

“Soul” maquettes are now part of the display “The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure” in the American Adventure rotunda.  “The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure” opened on February 1st, 2021 and combines the film “Soul” with real-life jazz history. Disney & Pixar’s “Soul” released December 25th, 2020 on Disney+ and is now also out on Blu-ray. Here is a look at the maquettes in the rotunda!


Banners are outside of the American Adventure for the exhibit.

The maquettes can be found in a case in the center of the display area.

The characters Joe Gardner and Dorothea Williams from Disney & Pixar’s “Soul” are here.

Dorothea is on the saxophone and Joe plays the piano.

The detail in the maquettes is really impressive, including the folds of their clothes.

The sign explains about the maquettes. “These figurines helped filmmakers visualize the musicians featured in the film “Soul”. The protagonist of the story -middle-school band teacher Joe Gardner – finally gets his big break when he is invited to audition, or ‘gig’, as pianist for the legendary Dorothea Williams Jazz Quartet”.

Here are more photos of the characters in different angles.

Joe’s feet are even of interest here as he plays.

There is no specific end date for “The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure” but I do recommend stopping by if you are at Epcot and it is still available to enjoy.