Book Review: “5-Minute Disney Furry Friends Stories” by Disney Press, Releases April 13th, 2021

Hi everyone!

I received the book “5-Minute Disney Furry Friends Stories” from Disney Press to review. The book releases on April 13th, 2021. The cover includes dalmatians from 101 Dalmatians just in time for the film Cruella, along with Dug and Stitch. There are 12 stories for kids, with the suggested ages of 5-8 but younger kids should enjoy these too. “5-Minute Disney Furry Friends Stories” is 208 pages with 12 stories that feature favorite characters. I think the 5-Minute books are a good value because there are so many stories in them. The stories are called 5-Minute because each story is timed to be read out loud in five minutes.

The stories include characters like Thumper, Mickey and Friends, the Aristocats and more. For the Peter Pan story, it is called “Nana and the Game of Hide-and-Seek”.  The 3 Darling children feature in this story. Dug is in one of a couple of Pixar stories, joining Carl and Russell for an “Up” adventure. They go on a camping trip and hear an animal in the woods – Dug keeps a watch out all night and finds out who the intruder is (and keeps the animal out of their food). There is a cute Winnie the Pooh story that teaches a bit about forgiveness and other stories based on The Lion King, Dumbo and more.

5-Minute Disney Furry Friends Stories” features favorite characters in stories and situations that kids should enjoy. The 5-Minute book series has been a popular one for Disney for a number of years.


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