Epcot Mickey Macaron Pin Appears in France Pavilion

Hi everyone!

I stopped at Epcot’s France pavilion yesterday and noticed a macaron pin I’d not seen before. The pin says “France” and “Epcot World Showcase” and is green, blue and pink in the shape of Mickey’s head. I found the pin in Souvenirs de France in the location we found jams and other new souvenir items last month. It looks like the pin was released in the past week or so. The macaron pin is priced in the silver category, which I believe is $9.99 based on a chart I looked up.

Here is a closer look at the pin, which is sure to be popular as much of the macaron merchandise at Epcot’s France pavilion is. It combines several of my favorite elements into one pin.

There has been a lot of new Disney branded World Showcase merchandise appearing recently – I shop in World Showcase more than anywhere on property because of the uniqueness of what is available. This pin is really cute!