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Mulan Now Appearing at Magic Kingdom in Royal Princess Processional and Distanced Greeting

Hi everyone!

Mulan debuted with the Royal Princess Processional cavalcade at the Magic Kingdom last week as part of a few character additions/shifts after Easter Sunday. We already wrote about Moana’s addition to the Magic Kingdom Cavalcade. Here is Mulan from our visit last Friday!

Mulan was on top of the Main Street Train Station with the Disney princess group before the cavalcade. Characters from the various cavalcades and the Dapper Dans do make distanced appearances here during the day.

Here is our video.

Princess Tiana and Ariel were directly to the left.

Rapunzel, Elena, Fairy Godmother and Cinderella were also greeting.

Fairy Godmother waved.

Belle was further to the left, and Merida was to her left (out of frame).

Princess Merida still rides on her horse as part of the Royal Princess Processional. We did not see Gaston with the Magic Kingdom cavalcade on Friday (we had seen him on Easter Sunday as part of the Fantasyland Friends cavalcade, which is the former name).

Princess Tiana and Rapunzel were in the gazebo float.

Princess Tiana waves.

I didn’t see Snow White out on this day.

Mulan greeted guests with Elena on the other side of the mirror float.

Princess Aurora was at the front.

Here is one last photo of Mulan.

It is good to see both Mulan and Moana back in the Magic Kingdom!