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Review of The Boathouse at Disney Springs from Two Visits in 2021

Hi everyone!

I get asked every now and then if I will be posting a new review of The Boathouse at Disney Springs. The restaurant has been my favorite since it opened in 2015. We have never had anything but exceptional food and service when dining there. During the past year we didn’t dine as often at restaurants and not inside. In 2021, we have been to The Boathouse twice (still outside) and have had two more great meals. Here is a review from both visits.

The Boathouse is in The Landing section of Disney Springs.

Outside the restaurant is one of the antique boats they have on display. This one is called Saucey.

Walking inside, there is an Oyster Bar.

There are several bars at The Boathouse to eat and drink at.

Oysters and more are in the case here.

Shrimp and Maine lobster knuckles are to the left.

Outside, an Amphicar had just returned from a 20-minute excursion. The Boathouse says of these vehicles, there were less than 4,000 of these unique amphibious vehicles produced during the 1960’s. Less than 400 exist worldwide today. We rode in 2015 – it isn’t an inexpensive experience, but unique and fun.

Instead of a written menu, we were brought a card to scan. There were a few differences on this visit and I’m not sure if it was because we were seated near the Dockside Bar.

We didn’t have a reservation and we were told all the tables were first come, first serve out by Dockside Bar. Our view included the walkway past the antique boats. Tables lined the whole way. In 2015, creator of The Boathouse Steve Schussler told us that he wanted to really utilize the waterfront for the restaurant in a way that other restaurants had not. It makes for a very relaxing experience.

I mentioned on this visit there were a few changes than the last time (February). We didn’t receive water or rolls automatically. We didn’t ask for water but did ask for rolls – they are always so good.

We almost always order a Classic Caesar salad ($8.00). Below is one salad divided on two plates. During our February visit we added chicken for $4.00 and would do that again.

There are a variety of cocktails, bottled beer and wines. I ordered the Shipwreck ($16.00) to share, it has Marti gold and silver rum, Passoa, fresh tropical juices, fresh oranges and cherries. This was really a nice, light drink for a warm day.

I ordered the Filet Mignon Sliders ($14.00), which consists of two sliders. This has been my favorite dish to order at The Boathouse. Instead of fries, I substituted red new potatoes. This is the price of a counter service meal elsewhere and so delicious. They serve their own USDA Gibsons Blue Star Heritage Angus.

Jeff ordered the Grilled Fresh Mahi Sandwich, which he raved about. The Boathouse tends to be very generous with fries.

We could see the Aerophile Balloon from our seat. We were seated next to the Dockside Bar and the dock moved quite a lot during our meal. It took a while to get acclimated but we did and it was a very enjoyable location for lunch.

The Boathouse seating is actually quite expansive, which is great because it is a very popular restaurant.

In February, we sat closer to the restaurant itself with a view of the Dockside Bar. Here is our food from then!

We ordered Caesar Salad with the additional chicken. There are other optional add-ons that include steak or shrimp. The portion of chicken was decent for the extra $4.00 charge.

The bread and water were automatic and I ordered a Strawberry Gin Fizz ($13.00). It comes with Hendrick’s gin, strawberries, mint, lime juice and soda water.

I ordered the Classic Cheese Burger but with no cheese ($18.00). I like the burgers here.

Jeff’s favorite item to order is the Maine Style Lobster Roll with chilled Maine lobster. If we are here for a special occasion like a birthday, we order steak and sometimes a lobster tail added to it. You really can’t go wrong with anything at The Boathouse, our food (and service) has always been excellent.

Here is a closer look at my burger. We really don’t need two sets of fries for the table, this past visit I had a small amount of Jeff’s fries with my new potatoes.

And here is a closer look at the lobster roll.

We went and looked at some of the boats after we were finished this visit.

There is information on various boats, including this one called God’s Time.

Signs tell guests to enjoy the floating artwork but not to touch.

Here is a look at some of the other boats.

An Amphicar was out on the water.

We have usually eaten inside the restaurant prior to this past year – and the atmosphere indoors is really nice, but I think we will opt for outside more now (it is very relaxing being on the water).

This mask sign was on the wall.

The Boatique offers a wide range of merchandise and I recommend a stop.

An Amphicar was ready for guests.

The Boathouse is still my favorite restaurant at Walt Disney World – and that is a tall order because there are so many wonderful restaurants (including at Disney Springs – Wine Bar George, Raglan Road, Jaleo, etc.). The Boathouse has been very consistent since opening with food and service.

We paid for our own meals and I look forward to heading back again soon.