A Look at the Paris Metro Inspiration for EPCOT Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Entrance

Hi everyone!

We were in Paris last month and one planned stop we made in the city was at the Abbesses Metro station. The EPCOT Ratatouille entrance is clearly inspired by this style Metro entrance (there are only two original left). Architect Hector Guimard created the Art Nouveau dragonfly-style édicules over 100 years ago, although this one was originally at Hôtel de Ville before being moved to Abbesses in 1974.

FYI, Abbesses is also the deepest Metro station in Paris, it has amazing murals but we didn’t end up going in on this visit (we usually use the Montmartre funicular or walk). Next time. Here is a look at more photos of the Abbesses station and of the EPCOT Ratatouille entrance. The “Ratatouille” expansion is scheduled to fully be open October 1st, 2021.

The EPCOT Ratatouille entrance lettering looks extremely similar to the font that was created by Guimard and is very much like the Abbesses Metro entrance. The two original Metro dragonfly-style entrances that are left in Paris are Abbesses and Porte Dauphine. There are many other Guimard entrances as this wasn’t the only style he created.

Here is a close-up of the EPCOT Ratatouille entrance. I did get to go inside the Ratatouille area on an Imagineer-led tour a couple of weeks ago.

And here is a photo I took last month in Abbesses. The letters are very similar, the EPCOT version is much newer and cleaner looking.

One of my goals on this trip was to photograph more Hector Guimard work on buildings and at the Metros, but the weather didn’t cooperate. I was glad to make it to Montmartre before a large rainstorm on this day. I love Paris, I think this was my 12th trip.

Here is a look at the Abbesses writing on the sign.

The back of the entrance also is distinctive.

There are “M”s in the ornamental shields. One thing I love about Paris is that you never have to enter a museum to see art, it is everywhere (that said, I do enjoy the museums and buy a Museum Pass most visits).

At EPCOT, the arcade entrance also has a similar look.

I hope to take more of a Guimard tour in Paris next visit. Summer normally is a fantastic time for photographing because the sun doesn’t fully set until 11:00 p.m. but there were quite a few rainstorms plus friends to meet up with this trip. I do look forward to the new expansion fully opening in just a couple of months!