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Review: Downtown Restaurant in Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel at Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

Last month we visited Disneyland Paris and dined at several locations in Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. I have written up the Manhattan Restaurant and Skyline Bar, and today I’m sharing our Downtown Restaurant experience. Downtown Restaurant offers an all-you-care-to-eat meal with Chinese, American and Italian food items.

The Downtown Restaurant has much more obvious Marvel theming in every way than Manhattan Restaurant, which is the upscale restaurant at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.

We were one of the first to arrive for our reservation. During our stay, reservations were hard to get for almost any restaurant. We had booked the Manahattan Restaurant and Downtown Restaurant on the first day of booking availability for these new locations.

Downtown Restaurant feels like a diner – it was originally called Parkside Diner (I never dined there). Each of the restaurants/lounges at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel is very different from the next.

We did receive a menu to order from. I don’t know if it will eventually be a buffet, but food was brought to the table and you can order whatever you want for the 40 Euros. There is a lot of good food, we didn’t try everything.

The napkins are themed to Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.

The placemat has Marvel characters.

There are a variety of cocktails, wine and beers.

The history of Downtown Restaurant is in the menu. It says, “Tuck into the famously cosmopolitan tastes of New York in this art-deco restaurant. Be prepared for a mouthwatering culinary tour of Spider-Man’s hometown, sampling Asian, Mediterranean and American classics – all lovingly prepared before your eyes. This is like one of those city hotspots decorated with signed photos of celebrities, but here, it’s the hotel’s largest selection of Marvel sketches that fills the walls.”

The all-you-can eat meal costs 40 Euros for adults, 30 Euros for kids. Drinks are not included.

The starters, main dishes and desserts are all divided up into Chinatown, American and Italian.

Bread was brought out first. The coasters also say “Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel”.

Jeff started with a Grimbergen Blonde.

I ordered a glass of wine.

Now for food. The dishes aren’t small plates exactly….they are smaller than a full sized appetizer/entree though since it is all you care to eat. We ordered the Noodle Soup with black mushrooms, which was fine though not one of my favorite meal items.

Tomatoes and Mozzarella di Bufala Salad. It was nicely presented, I enjoyed the mozzarella.

The Minestrone Soup was exactly what I’d expect from a good minestrone, unlike at the Manhattan Restaurant. Simple and delicious.

Jeff enjoyed the Chinese Chicken Salad.

Presentation on the food was much nicer than I expected.

This is the Assorted Dim Sum.

Roast Duck with Hoison Sauce and Vegetable and Coriander Stir-Fry. Jeff said he would have ordered another one of these, it was his favorite dish.

Surprisingly, the small Beef Burger with Roasted Potatoes and Coleslaw was one of my favorite items. The flavor of the beef was outstanding.

Another favorite of mine was the Pasta of the Day with Bolognese. The pasta was firm and sauce tasty. Even though bolognese is mentioned, there wasn’t as much meat as in some pasta dishes (that was fine since I just had a burger).

Shrimp with Chili Sauce and Sauteed Noodles. Jeff’s favorite part of this dish was the noodles.

Pinsa with Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella and Basil. Yum. Because there are so many dishes, we weren’t expecting the pizza to be as good as it was.

Sweet and Sour Pork with Steamed Rice is apparently the least memorable item Jeff tried.

I ordered a hot chocolate, which came with a chocolate that included a themed wrapping.

Save room for dessert (it is hard to do!) There were so many excellent choices in several platters. We did not order the Exotic Fresh Fruit Platter, Cheese Assortment or Gorgonzola with Focaccia. We did ask for the Marvel desserts, which appeared on three different platters. On this platter there is a Captain Marvel Meringue Cream Crunch, Captain America Panna Cotta, Lemon Tart and Chocolate Cannoli. My favorite item here was actually the chocolate cannoli (though almost all the desserts were good).

Here is a look at the Lemon Tart, though it reminded me more of a cheesecake.

The other dessert platters were a little less heavy on the Marvel theming. To the left, New York Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Babka and Baby Groot Chocolate Mousse. To the right, Mango and Passion Dessert, Coconut Cup, Egg Tart and Avengers Macaron.

The Baby Groot Chocolate Mousse is adorable and delicious.

This platter overall was my least favorite but the Avengers macaron is cute.

For the price point, the Downtown Diner offered a lot of value for our meal. I would definitely go back once or twice on our next trip – maybe twice since there are items we haven’t even tried yet and others I want to revisit (and I don’t want to eat them all in one sitting). The three locations we tried couldn’t have been more different from one another. For atmosphere, I really loved the elegant Manhattan Restaurant even though my meal was a little uneven. The Skyline Bar has excellent drinks and surprisingly good food and I enjoyed the atmosphere as well. And the Downtown Restaurant is not fancy but there are a lot of good options on the menu. It was really great to try all three. We did not make it to Bleeker Street Lounge but hopefully next trip.