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Jack and Sally Greet Guests at Disneyland for Halloween 2021 (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Jack and Sally are greeting guests from a couple of different locations in New Orleans Square during Halloween Time at Disneyland. Today I was able to catch them at the Haunted Mansion balcony. Haunted Mansion Holiday is a huge draw for the season! And we’ve also seen them above the Royal Street Veranda, where Sally was today not long after my Haunted Mansion photos. Here are pictures from today and video from a few days back.

Haunted Mansion Holiday is always pretty busy and especially today (a Saturday).

Jack and Sally would normally meet guests at ground level in New Orleans Square, but I love having them above on the balcony of the Haunted Mansion. So many guests can see them there.

Sally looked in our direction.

Sally looks at Jack.

I took photos from a few different angles, including with the Jack Skellington scarecrow in view.

Sally waves to the crowd.

At the end of their set, Jack moved candlesticks back to their location.

Here is our video from above the Royal Street Veranda.

And today, Sally was above without Jack when we passed by.

It was nice to see Jack and Sally out today! We will have much more from Disneyland Halloween in the coming weeks.