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More of Sleeping Beauty Castle Revealed at Disneyland Paris as Refurbishment Continues

Hi everyone!

Our friend Martin Smith is at Disneyland Paris and captured the newest look to Sleeping Beauty Castle (Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant) as the scrim very slowly comes down – a little more this morning, revealing parts of this stunning castle that is in the middle of refurbishment. When we were in Disneyland Paris in June, we could see just a little of the turrets. We wrote about the refurbishment here, along with a video from Disneyland Paris that shares a look at what is entailed.

This is the first major refurbishment of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Disneyland Paris has hired companies that work on historical monuments and castles to make sure it is done perfectly. The work was done through the pandemic closure and since the reopening.

Early this year, Disneyland Paris shared photos and history of the Sleeping Beauty Castle walk-through gallery upstairs. This has also been closed (as has La Tanière du Dragon) due to the refurbishment.

Here is a closer look at the work that has been revealed today.

Martin and Michelle have some Halloween decoration photos to share as well, I expect to post those later today. You can see in the photos here that the orange light bulbs are on the posts with witches hats already. Halloween at Disneyland Paris kicks off on September 26th! Halloween is the season we personally have visited the most – it’s always a lot of fun. We do plan to be back at Disneyland Paris for the holiday season this year.

Check out Martin’s historical Disney YouTube channel here.