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Disney Villains Chocolate Sculpture on Display at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort for Halloween 2021

Hi everyone!

We stopped by Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort today to pick up a couple of Halloween treats and found a villainous chocolate sculpture in Gasparilla Island Grill, created by the talented Grand Floridian Bakery.

The sculpture is next to the mobile order pickup location.

There are four sides to this cauldron, which includes four different Disney villains as well as chocolate “props” from other villains. On this side, the Evil Queen is holding the heart box.

In front of the Evil Queen, there is a hook as well as coins. And above her, a red apple in the bubbles.

It is hard to see, but a plaque says that the chocolate sculpture is hand-decorated by the Grand Floridian Bakery.

On another side is Cruella De Vil in her animated form.

In front of her, playing cards with the Queen of Hearts on top and there are roses to the left in this photo.

“Flames” can be seen at the bottom of the cauldron along with pieces of wood.

Maleficent is next.

Below her is an octupus arm, signifying Ursula.

The last villain is Jafar.

Here is a closer look.

Treats were out on display around the sculpture. This is the Jack Skellington Pumpkin Pie Pop.

Sally’s Stitched Up Whoopie Pie Heart Vanilla Heart-shaped Whoopie Pie adorned with Sally’s Signature Patchwork is a holdover from last year. It wasn’t my favorite whoopie pie but my mom likes it and I bought it for her.

I also purchased the Be-Witching Minnie Mouse Cupcake Cookies ‘n Cream-filled Chocolate Cupcake enrobed in Chocolate Ganache and topped with Minnie Mouse Chocolate Witch Hat. It is not a huge cupcake but just enough for us to split and delicious.

It was fun to discover the chocolate sculpture today! I always enjoy the Cast Member displays.