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Our Visit to Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs in October, 2021

Hi everyone!

We were invited yesterday to Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs. Guy Fieri and restauranteur Robert Earl teamed up to open the restaurant in 2018 in a location attached to the Planet Hollywood Observatory. Chicken Guy! also announced a few months back that it would open its third Florida location in Winter Park as a standalone restaurant with the first Chicken Guy! drive-through. The Winter Park opening will be very soon! Here is a look at our experience yesterday.

First, here is a look at concept art of the Winter Park location that will open at 818 South Orlando Avenue.

Chicken Guy! became a popular location at Disney Springs from its opening, with a quick casual concept offering reasonably priced, delicious chicken sandwiches, tenders and salads (either fried or grilled chicken).

There are 22 signature sauces. Some entrees include sauces, and additional sauces are .50 each.

We were brought all of the sauces to try. We have not ever had all 22 in front of us, and it was fun to find some new-to-me sauces I’ve not have otherwise ordered.

Donkey Sauce is Guy Fieri’s signature sauce.

But my favorite new sauce is Curry Mayo. It really has a great flavor and you just need a little bit. My other go-to is Nashville Hot Honey.

We were brought the fried chicken tenders  – I also really like the grilled. It is nice to have the choice. The coleslaw makes an excellent side to the tenders and sandwiches.

Here is a look at the menu, which you can find online.

The sandwiches consist of two crispy tenders each. On the left is The Sauce Boss, with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles. On the right, the Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ with pepper jack, bourbon brown sugar BBQ sauce, special sauce, slaw, pickles & BBQ kettle chips.

The fries have a signature fry seasoning and I dipped mine in the various sauces to try them.

Jeff tried the Mac Daddy Mac ‘N’ Cheese which includes chopped crispy or grilled chicken, bacon & green onions. (Much of the meal ended up coming home with us). There was a lot of cheese and a generous amount of chicken.

Milkshakes are also very popular here – the Triple Double Mint (Hand-spun mint chocolate soft serve, crushed Oreo© cookies, chocolate mints, chocolate syrup & fresh whipped cream) and Oreo (hand-spun vanilla soft serve, crushed Oreo© cookies & topped with fresh whipped cream) are two favorites. There are six different flavors to choose from at the Disney Springs location.

Sign up for two free sauces each visit at Chickenguy.com/saucesquad.

Near us was a photo of Guy Fieri and Robert Earl.

Chicken Guy! should be as popular an addition to Winter Park as it was to Disney Springs.

We look forward to checking out the new location when it opens! I didn’t realize until now that soon there will be seven total Chicken Guy! locations, with three of them in Florida. It is fun to see the brand expand.

We were hosted but also visit occasionally on our own and all views are ours.