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Ice Cream Creations Menu at Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris (May 2024)

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Disneyland Paris has shared the current menu for Ice Cream Creations at Walt Disney Studios Park. This food truck features Magnum ice cream bars that are decorated based on the Disney or Pixar character theme selected. And there are hot and cold drinks served here.

Check out the menu below!

Ice Cream Creations at Disneyland Paris

Photo copyright Disneyland Paris

The three themed bars currently are “The Lion King”; Snowflake Bliss, inspired by “Frozen”; and Cowboy Crunch, inspired by “Toy Story”. Simba is on “The Lion King” bar. Each bar costs 6 . The bars do change seasonally, we tried the “Up” house Magnum bar a year or so ago.

There is also a “Pause Goûter”, which translates to “snack break”. It is a combination of an ice cream bar and a hot or cold drink. If you are wanting a drink as well, it does save up to a Euro to buy them together. Drinks include Coca-Cola, Fanta, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Ice Cream Creations Menu May 2024 at Walt Disney Studios Park

I don’t know how long this menu will be in effect, but I assume this is the summer menu.

There are fun ice cream choices throughout the Disneyland Paris parks! Our favorite is March Hare Refreshments at Disneyland Park (also themed ice cream), but we enjoy Ice Cream Creations occasionally at Walt Disney Studios Park as well.

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