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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground Guests Decorate for Halloween 2021 (Photos)

Hi everyone!

We went to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground on Friday evening to check out the Halloween decorations (and have dinner). On Saturday we attended – for our eleventh year – Disney’s Fort Wilderness Halloween Golf Cart Parade. I took some photos of decorations while we were walking around both days. Campsite guests really did an amazing job at decorating this year as always. I have about 40 photos below from the two days.

The Hitchhiking Ghosts are back again this year.

Grogu wants some candy.

As always, decorations run from scary to fun, with Disney themes and without.

This Pirates of the Caribbean themed site was one of our favorites. I have a couple photos lower in the article of it at night.

I was photographing Pluto and didn’t even notice Mickey and Minnie until I got home. 🙂

There were some wonderful Wizard of Oz figures at one site.

Skeletons are the big theme here.

I enjoy Halloween decorations at Fort Wilderness during the day and evening. This loop near the Settlement had so many decorated sites this year.

Sometimes you have to look up to see the decorations.

Mickey as a vampire can be seen throughout the campground.

This was a very unique campsite creation. It says “Ratatouille Samples”.

A skeleton rat holds a spoon while sitting on the shoulder of the chef.

There is a lot of Nightmare Before Christmas decor to see while walking around.

This was a cool “The Mandalorian” themed site with a bantha.

Hitchhiking Ghosts stand near Cruella.

A blurrg.

Another site includes Hitchhiking Ghosts with the stretching room portraits.

A carriage pumpkin is to the left.

“Party this way”.

Chip and Dale guard the candy.

There are a number of sites with scary clown themes.

“Disney’s Past Haunts” is back at one site. They have put this up for at least a few years.

The past haunts include Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Pleasure Island and River Country.

Another site includes a graveyard, including tombstones for Claude and Fred.

My favorite of the sites we passed by was “Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Broom”.

The music from “Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room” was playing.

This was incredible!

The birds have little witch hats.

The Pirates of the Caribbean site we saw during the day looks even cooler at night.

It is hard not to be in the Halloween spirit when walking around Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground this week.