Disneyland Paris

Mickey, Minnie and Duffy Appear at Disneyland Paris InsidEars Holiday Party

Hi everyone!

Mickey, Minnie and Duffy greeted guests at the Disneyland Paris InsidEars holiday party. We are members of InsidEars and sent our friend Rony from DLPlicious to cover it for us. They are currently in Cowboy Cookout Restaurant learning about upcoming merchandise and such. Disneyland Paris will be celebrating 30 years in 2022! And while they were enjoying dinner, the characters stopped by.

Mickey is in his festive best.

Minnie wore her holiday dress.

And we haven’t seen Duffy in a while, it was great to be able to see him again! He wears a holiday hat and vest. The backdrop with the Christmas tree and presents is quite nice as well.

I am waiting to see what all will be announced for the upcoming year!