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Review: Bistrot Chez Rémy at Disneyland Paris – November 2021

Hi everyone!

We dined at Bistrot Chez Rémy late last month in Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris. It has been 2 or 3 years since we last dined at this unique restaurant. Bistrot Chez Rémy is located near Ratatouille: The Adventure (Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy), which is known as Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure now at EPCOT.

Bistrot Chez Rémy is located at La Place de Rémy.

The sign outside features Remy with a spoon.

This is actually one of the last photos I took. When we arrived to the restaurant, it was pretty busy so we took photos and video at the end of the meal (with the restaurant lobby closed).

There are a number of Remy Christmas trees in the lobby for the holiday season. The trees include little chef hats, rolling pins and spoons.

There are also whisks in the ornaments. Garland behind the lobby hosts had the same design.

Inside the lobby, there are quite a few items to look at with small plaques in French below them.

There is a photo of Chef Gusteau.

The plaque says that this is a Supreme Chef Award for Chef Gusteau.  The English translation for the award says “One of the first awards given to Chef Gusteau! She was prominently in his office.”

This is “The Cleaver of Honor “award for Chef Remy. The plaque says, “A very big reward! And an even greater honor.”

Here is one more of the awards, “Great Fork Reward” for Chef Gusteau. The plaque translates to, “One of the most sought after accolades by any chef”.

There are other items on the walls, if anyone is interested I can add more to the end of the article. Just post in the comments!

There is a welcome in French. Translated, it says, “Welcome to all lovers of gastronomy in my Bistrot Chez Remy. I am very impatient to introduce you to my latest culinary creations. Hope you are hungry! Good appetite!”

When we first arrived to the restaurant, it was relatively busy but there was also a credit card system problem and so everyone was having to pay in cash. It took me an hour in line at the ATM and by the time I returned, it wasn’t as busy.

Jeff spent much of the hour waiting in the warm restaurant while I went to get money. There was plenty of bread and hand sanitizer. 🙂

The napkin has Remy on it in the same way the ride sign does – with a hat, nose and whiskers.

We were told we could look at the online menu to order, but online did not have the single serve wine nor the beer on it. The waiter brought us menus and told us to keep them.

Like many other menus at Disneyland Paris, there aren’t a lot of items to choose from. We ordered the way we usually do here – I ordered from the Rémy Menu and Jeff the Emile Menu. That gave us each a starter, a main course and one dessert to split. Set menus are common at all the Disneyland Paris restaurants and often offer a discount off of a la carte pricing (which I don’t see for Bistrot Chez Remy but other restaurants often do have it). Also, the pricing includes tax and gratuity. We always leave a little extra gratuity but it’s really all inclusive. So for about $38 total (minus the 15% Infinity pass discount, making it closer to $32), my menu included the starter and main course.

Also as part of our Infinity pass benefits, we each received a non-alcoholic aperitif.

For the restaurant (just as with the ride), guests see things from a rat’s point of view. We will see more of that after the food.

My starter was the seasonal soup, which was pumpkin on this day. I had the same soup bowl at the new La Crêperie de Paris in EPCOT. It normally comes with Laughing Cow cheese, which is a major partner of Disneyland Paris but I ordered it without. The soup had a great flavor to it.

Jeff ordered a salad with mixed greens, Cantal cheese, tomato confit, poached egg, radishes and vinaigrette.

He also ordered the Grimbergen d’Abbaye beer. This isn’t something we find here in Florida and we usually also bring back a couple of cans of it home from France.

Wine and beer are not significantly more expensive by the glass than a soda. This 50cl of Grimbergen was 8,50 Euros and a 33cl of Coca-Cola is 5,10 Euros. I ordered a glass of wine for 7 Euros.

I asked a couple of times for butter and I was happy when it arrived – Beurre d’Isigny is excellent, high quality butter.

I ordered the Grilled Steak with Bernaise. It comes with fries and Ratatouille. Jeff also ordered the steak but with a different sauce. I asked for it to be cooked medium. The steak was delicious, pretty much the same as I remember from other visits.

The Ratatouille portion seemed a little smaller than before, but we had big steaks and fries in addition. I enjoy this as a side.

Our shared dessert was the Tiramisu, and it came with a Mickey wafer. This creamy dessert is always good but not as memorable for me this trip because I was so full.

We were really happy with our meal – the service was overall excellent, the food and atmosphere very good. There aren’t many food choices – a few items are on the more expensive Linguini and Gusteau menus, but we’ve tried the Beef Filet on that menu set and actually prefer the steak on the less expensive menu.

I took some photos around the restaurant. These serving utensils include a small Remy portrait.

Here is a closer look.

The high chair has a cute design.

Almost everything is oversized to compensate with the rat’s eye view.

A bottle of Chateau Ego Cuvée stands tall.

A large butter dish is where a dessert case is placed.

Large measuring cups line the wall.

There are different items noted on the table tops, including pepper.

A large Bistrot Chez Remy dish serves as a table divider and the table features olive oil in the design of it.

Looking for the emergency exit? It looks like a bottle cap.

We talk about Bistrot Chez Rémy in Mousesteps Weekly show #422!

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is just steps away, and the La Place de Rémy fountain was decorated beautifully for the holidays.

We recommend Bistrot Chez Rémy for anyone visiting Disneyland Paris.