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Review: Downtown Restaurant at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel as Buffet (11/21), Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

We first visited the Downtown Restaurant inside Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel when it opened in June (our review is here). At that time, the restaurant was table service as buffets had not returned to Disneyland Paris upon its reopening. Downtown Restaurant is now a buffet, we dined there in late November and have a new review.

Thanks to our friend Martin Smith for some of the photos in the article.

Downtown Restaurant is nearby the more upscale Manhattan Restaurant (our Manhattan Restaurant review from June is here).

Downtown Restaurant was 40 Euros when we visited both times, not including the passholder discount. Drinks are not included.

Christmas decor was added to the restaurant, with ornaments dangling from the ceiling. It gave the restaurant a gorgeous pop of color.

There was also a Christmas tree and garland.

There is Marvel artwork on the walls.

There is a lengthy buffet to choose from, and the items are divided into American, Italian and Chinatown.

Before showing some of the food, I want to say that the Downtown Restaurant has a wide variety of items and it’s one of my favorite restaurants at Disneyland Paris. The quality of the food is not really that much different buffet vs. table service.

I personally would recommend visiting twice in a trip if possible. I didn’t try nearly all I wanted to on this visit. We kept our indoor dining to a minimum this trip, but next time.

The small beef burger is still delicious. It was one of the surprise items from June. Honestly, almost everything we’ve had here has been very good both visits.

There is also a vegan burger (I didn’t try it).

Corn on the cob.

There were a few seasonal items, including stuffed turkey with chestnuts – it was a very nice addition to the menu. Behind this sign is actually chicken wings, the next photo is the turkey.

While Thanksgiving is not a holiday in France (and thus the parks were not crowded), it was nice to have some seasonal favorites like turkey during the week.

When Downtown Restaurant was table service, the beef burger came with fingerling potatoes. Now you can choose how much you want.

There are a variety of salads and cheeses.

This was also seasonal, festive savory pie with veal and turkey.

Smoked salmon bagels are on the menu.

Eggplant parmigiana.

As part of the Italian menu, a bolognaise sauce. I like the rigatoni with bolognaise here.

Potato gnocchi in Parmesan sauce.

Italian dried ham.

Smoked speck.

And then there are the desserts. The chocolate brioche was not as much a favorite of the table, but it looks nice.

This was another favorite of mine in June – the baby Groot mousse. It is so good, and super cute.

This is my favorite cannoli ever, with hazelnut chocolate inside.

Captain America panna cotta.

Here is a look at our food on plates. I even have discovered a few items looking at the plated photos that I didn’t realize were available.

There was some sort of beef that looks delicious that I missed.

The pizza kept disappearing when being put out. I liked the pizza quite a bit in June but didn’t have it this time.

The beef burger was a hit with the table.

The placemats are Marvel themed.

I ordered a glass of wine. It isn’t that much different in price than a soda (my glass of wine was 8 Euros vs. 6 Euros for a soda). Jeff ordered a Grimbergen beer. On the menu currently for beer there is also Poretti, Brooklyn Lager and Goose Island IPA.

The Dim Sum was also another favorite at the table. It was as nicely presented as it was in June.

This was my plate. We all enjoyed this meal quite a lot.

Martin poses with baby Groot. This was Martin’s birthday meal and we hadn’t seen everyone in several years due to the pandemic, so it was nice for us to be able to join them (from the United Kingdom, and other friends from the Netherlands).

Jeff made a dessert plate for us that also included Avengers macarons.

Did I mention there was cheesecake? And also carrot cake bites. I didn’t have room for either unfortunately. Next time with two visits instead of one.

We were really happy to be able to meet up at Disneyland Paris as a group.

Jeff posed by the Christmas tree.

Here is one more look at the pretty holiday decorations.

Out in the lobby, there were more decorations for the season (as there was through the public areas of the hotel).

The Christmas tree outside of Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel looked really nice.

There are so many more items that I passed by on the buffet than I could possibly try. The buffet is plentiful with lots of great choices. Everything we had was good (the chocolate brioche so-so), some items excellent. It is well worth the visit over to Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel for dinner. We also stopped by another evening for drinks and food at the Skyline Bar.

Thank you again to Martin for adding photos to our article!