“Hocus Pocus: The Illustrated Novelization” by Gris Grimly Releasing August 30, 2022

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Hocus Pocus: The Illustrated Novelization” is scheduled to release on August 30th, 2022, illustrated by Gris Grimly. The book is from Disney Press shows as having 240 pages, and is available for preorder. Here is more information on “Hocus Pocus: The Illustrated Novelization“!

Relive the magic of the cult-classic film Hocus Pocus with an Illustrated Novelization that retells the story of the film, paired with stunning original artwork throughout from Gris Grimly, ahead of the launch of Hocus Pocus 2!

For the first time ever, fans and readers of all ages can enjoy the full story of the immensely popular Hocus Pocus with this deluxe Illustrated Novelization that will show fans the likes of Max Dennison, the Sanderson Sisters, Binx the cat, and other iconic characters as only celebrated, renowned artist Gris Grimly can: in all of their darkly humorous, unique gruesome glory! With dozens of original illustrations throughout, this Novelization is sure to become an automatic must-have among collectors and avid fans of the film.


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