Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Starbucks Mug, Water Bottle Released (Photos)

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris has a new 30th anniversary Starbucks mug today, along with a water bottle! Thank you to our friend Simone (Moni Mouse at Instagram and YouTube) for picking one up for us at the Disney Village location and sending us pictures. The mug is 19,90 Euros and bottle 21,90 Euros. Here is a look at the mug and water bottle!

The Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary mug features Sleeping Beauty Castle, Hyperspace Mountain and Autopia on this side.

There are fireworks also around the mug, which includes Phantom Manor, Skull Rock and it’s a small world.

The Disneyland Paris train, Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups and Orbitron are also on the mug.

Thank you to Simone for picking this mug up for us!

Here is the water bottle.

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