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“Dream…and Shine Brighter!” Dazzles at Disneyland Paris for 30th Anniversary (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

We returned from our Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary trip last week after spending the first half of March celebrating the kickoff of the event (and enjoying the parks and Paris). Disneyland Paris did a tremendous job creating a 30th celebration that seamlessly ties together the decor, Gardens of Wonder, drones and the show “Dream…and Shine Brighter”.  Artistic Director Yves Ollier designed the parade floats, as he did also the decor and Gardens of Wonder.

I’ve written about “Dream….and Shine Brighter!” twice now, including how it becomes a rainy day cavalcade in inclement weather with fewer characters (and no performers). I photographed the show quite a bit during our visit, and wanted to share more photos from various angles. “Dream…and Shine Brighter!” – just like any other Central Plaza show or show stop – is different depending where you stand. Here are some of my photos and videos from various angles! It may help you decide where to enjoy the show from.

This is my favorite of our videos. Jeff was in Central Plaza to record one stage, and I was just enjoying a bench in Town Square. I stood up when I heard that the cavalcade was about to start, took video and then sat back down. And when I heard the second fireworks blast on Sleeping Beauty Castle, I stood again and took video of the cavalcade exit. I enjoy not only Central Plaza, but watching the cavalcade in Town Square and on Main Street U.S.A.

I also photographed the show in various areas of Central Plaza.

The outer ring of Central Plaza was probably my least favorite angle of all. I prefer being inside the stage area if down this way.

Guests can see the cavalcade and characters here, but not the way they can inside Central Plaza.

Inside Central Plaza, there is a lot of energy and great choreography.

The performers are able to wear what they choose, the costumes are made for male and female. Performers can also wear makeup and hair as they like.

The choreography has the performers and characters moving about the stages. There are two new songs – “Ready for the Ride” and “Un monde qui s’illumine”, and also a fun mash-up of 20 Disney songs. The music is absolutely catchy and wonderful.

This video features one of the stages.

Mickey and Minnie wear their 30th Anniversary costumes, as does Chip and Dale, Donald and Daisy, Goofy, Pluto and Clarice.

The characters and performers put on quite an energetic show.

Miguel made his Disneyland Paris debut with “Dream…and Shine Brighter!”

Daisy moves to another stage.

Princess Tiana walks up to the stage.

My favorite view is watching with Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background.

Woody and Jessie join performers on stage.

Minnie and Mickey along with Rapunzel and Joy make their way here.

During the show, there are sparklers and bubbles, along with fireworks and fountains.

Rapunzel blows a kiss to guests while Joy looks on and bubbles surround them.

Bubbles rise around Woody.

Chip, Dale and Clarice perform on stage.

Judy Hopps joins Donald and Daisy.

Here is our video of that stage.

Sparklers shoot up.

And more bubbles!

The performers are terrific, dancing to the music from start to finish (including back and forth down Main Street U.S.A.)

Genie and Peter Pan also join Chip and Dale.

Alice is in the background.

After the characters leave the stage, the performers continue.

Miguel is on one of the floats, which has a 30th anniversary decoration. The floats were designed to be able to see through them.

At the end of the show, more characters end up on the floats – Show Producer Astrid Gomez told me it is like a party.

I never had a problem finding a last-minute spot when the floats returned (pretty much anywhere I wanted). Guests do line up for it entering, but they weren’t lining up much for the exit. The floats return after the second fireworks boom.

Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and Goofy are on this float with other characters.

Mad Hatter, Alice and Goofy can now be seen, along with Daisy, Donald, Clarice, Nick and Judy.

The next float includes Rapunzel, Chip and Dale, Genie, Minnie and Joy. There are a total of over 30 performers and characters.

During the rain cavalcade, the characters wear raincoats.

Here is our video of the rain cavalcade.

Guests do walk down Main Street with the parade, and watch as the dancers perform and then exit offstage.

Peter Pan heads offstage.

Disneyland Paris does say that “The new daytime show “Dream…and Shine Brighter!” will take a short break from October 1st to January 8th, 2023.”

We are thinking of returning for Halloween this year, but would want to visit earlier than October 1st to be able to catch “Dream…and Shine Brighter!” again first before the Halloween season kicks off. It is always hard to decide when to visit Disneyland Paris, there is great entertainment all year round and the seasons are very different from one another. We tend to go twice a year now.

We do recommend visiting for the 30th Anniversary!