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“Fantasmic!” Interview About Updates to Show Returning to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Later in 2022

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Fantasmic! is scheduled to return to Disney’s Hollywood Studios later this year, and we interviewed Katrina Mena Rick, Creative Producer at Disney Live Entertainment about the changes coming to the show. Fantasmic! at Disneyland just celebrated 30 years (I was able to see during its opening year) and the show opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 1998. Watch our video interview and/or read below!

Rick: said “I’m so excited to share with you guys a new reimagined version of my favorite Disney show, Fantasmic! as part of The Most Magical Celebration here on Earth at Walt Disney World Resort.”

I asked Rick about what will be reimagined. She answered, “So the show originally debuted in 1998, so we took this chance…this opportunity to enhance the show with technological enhancements that didn’t exist before. So we got a brand new audio system, brand new video system, lighting, lasers, fireworks, and all of our favorite characters….plus more, brought to life”.

I asked about the different characters we may see in the show, and anything else that will be different. Rick answered, “So the story is still the same, the length of the show is still the same. We’re still experiencing this through the eyes of Mickey Mouse, entering into his fantastical world of dreaming and imagination. And what we’ve done…we took the part that was originally the Pocahontas section of the show, we took those six minutes or so to reintroduce new characters that are more relevant for today’s generation. You’ll still see Pocahontas, but you’ll see characters like Mulan, you’ll see Aladdin, you’ll see Elsa, Moana. And also, digitally on our projections you’ll see clips from different films as well. So we really just wanted to replace that part of the show in an exciting way…you’ll hear new music, you’ll see new stunts, new characters, but you’ll also get to experience hopefully something that is more representative of the guests we have here today.”

We look forward to the newly updated Fantasmic!

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