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Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Merchandise Takes Over EPCOT Shop, Including Pins, Ear Headband, Apparel

Hi everyone!

We stopped by the France pavilion at EPCOT today and found a nice selection of Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary merchandise at the Plume Et Palette shop. The items have mostly taken over the store, and include one specific 30th Anniversary collection (of many) – the collection with Tinker Bell. This line hadn’t released yet at Disneyland Paris when we were there in March.

Merchandise does change regularly, this is what we found today. You can see many of these items in my January article about Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary merchandise.

Plume Et Palette – as  with other shops in the France pavilion – has had a rotating collection of merchandise through it.

The 30th Anniversary merchandise is part of the shop window.

One popular item is sure to be the 30th Anniversary gold and black ear headband. The merchandise collection is primarily gold and black.

Tinker Bell is on the castle and costs $29.99. The tags have the Disneyland Paris 30th anniversary logo. There are over 350 items that will be released at Disneyland Paris over the course of the 30th Anniversary, these are just a handful of them.

I like the ball cap quite a bit. $34.99.

Inside the bill it says “Disneyland Paris” and “30 Years of Magic”.

There were two pins out today, one has the 30th Anniversary logo.

There is a blue shirt with the Tinker Bell and Sleeping Beauty Castle design, next to a scarf. Special scarves are very popular at Disneyland Paris. The shirt is $39.99.

Here are a couple more photos of the scarf.

I love to purchase throw blankets at Disneyland Paris, I have a different Tinker Bell blanket from a previous collection. $59.99.

This sweater costs $59.99.

There is a gold journal with Tinker Bell. $24.99.

Two Dooney & Bourke bags were out. This one is $298.00.

And $228.00.

A case had a number of bags.

There is a hoodie, $64.99.

It says “Disneyland Paris” and “30 Years of Magic”.

The hats can be found around the shop.

We will stop by again this week and will see what is available that day! Considering there is a window display, hopefully some of the merchandise will stick around a while.