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Magic Kingdom Halloween Pumpkins Now on Display for 2022 Season (Photos, Video)

Disney placed more pumpkins after my original article, this is updated August 14th to add photos of them.

Hi everyone!

Pumpkins are now up on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom, just ahead of the kickoff of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. The Party begins on select nights starting Friday, August 12th, 2022 (we will be at the first two!) Here is a look at the Main Street pumpkins, and we’ll post more decorations at the park when they are added.

First, here is our video.

Before entering the Magic Kingdom, we stopped at the Transportation and Ticket Center for photos of the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party display.

Some party nights are already sold out.

Many pumpkins on Main Street are themed to where they are located. Many also aren’t. There are a number of pumpkins missing from previous years, and “See Ya Real Soon” pumpkins are not yet added at the exits to the park.

Pumpkins start in Town Square and move down Main Street. There are also some garland and wreaths.

The City Hall pumpkins aren’t themed to the location.

Wreaths hang from City Hall.

As far as theming, the Main Street Fire Station is always a favorite for me.

The pumpkins here are themed to the firehouse, and there is a directional restroom pumpkin as well.

This is one of my favorite pumpkins each year, pointing the way to the restrooms!

The other pumpkins include a fire hydrant and one with spots.

There is also a Dalmatian.

Inside the Main Street Fire Station, there are a couple of new Dalmatian figures added.

Here is a look at the two Dalmatians! We will have a separate article with more photos.

This Dalmatian is looking toward treats.

The barber shop trio is again above the Harmony Barber Shop. Back in 2019, it was a quartet (check out our 2019 Magic Kingdom Halloween decorations article for that and much more).

There wasn’t a lot of decor today besides pumpkins, but what is there looks nice.

Pumpkins above the entrances to the Main Street Confectionery aren’t themed to the location.

There are more pumpkins along the side.

One looks like a spooky cat.

The snowman pumpkin is also back. I had never noticed the buttons looked like candy corn before.

Two pumpkins above the Confectionery feature candy. This one, a candy cane.

And this pumpkin features a lollipop.

There are two pumpkins again at the Main Street Emporium.

Above the former Main Street Cinema is – as always – a Mickey film strip.

It is a cool design.

There is a ghost pumpkin.

Heading down Main Street, one of the pumpkins looks like a clown.

These always remind me a bit of “The Wizard of Oz”.

Above “Watches”, the watch pumpkin is hidden behind a curtain.

Mickey is at the center of the watch.

Across the street, there are a few pumpkins.

A witch flies on a broom.

This one always reminds of me of Jack Skellington, so I call it a Skellington key.

And there is a spider.

Center Street at the Magic Kingdom has been in the midst of pavement replacing for several months and it doesn’t look like it’s nearly done. But pumpkins were added here, themed to the location. This building usually says “Art Festival”.

One pumpkin has a pencil.

The other a paintbrush. There are usually a couple of other pumpkins back here.

Sully’s Safaris is mentioned in the window to the left (Disney Legend William (Sully) Sullivan started his Disney career as a ticket taker at the Jungle Cruise. And the pumpkins in the middle feature an elephant.

There is one whole elephant between two pumpkins.

The Roy E. Disney windows are nautical themed, as are the pumpkins.

There is a sailboat here, where it says “Sailmaker”.

And what looks like Disney Cruise Line stripes here (though it could be just a wave pattern).

Above Uptown Jewelers on this side is an engagement ring.

There are pumpkins above Crystal Arts.

Above the “House of Magic” sign here there are pumpkins themed to that.

Cards are on this pumpkin.

And a crystal ball.

A rabbit is coming out of the hat.

A magic wand.

At the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, some pumpkins are ice cream themed.

This cone spilled.

Ice cream cones are on these pumpkins.

The Plaza Restaurant pumpkins remind me in style of the Harmony Barber Shop pumpkins.

At Casey’s Corner, there are a variety of themed pumpkins.

A hot dog is on this pumpkin.

Another has fries and a “C”.

Peanuts are the theme here.

A baseball fits in with the theme.

And there are more pumpkins over this entrance.

This one always reminds me of Mickey.

The Crystal Palace also has two pumpkins that say “CP”.

It will be interesting to see what other decorations show up before Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. We will have a lot to share from those first two parties!