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A Look at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne Halloween Decorations for 2022 Season at Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

All of the Disneyland Paris resorts are decorated for Halloween! I first posted this article on Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne on September 26th, but there was a large pumpkin and another scarecrow added after that. I’m finally updating the article with those photos.

Many of the pumpkins are familiar from Main Street U.S.A. The scarecrow pumpkins are fun here as well.

The pumpkins at the front entrance run all the way around. We will also show decorations inside and outside the back entrance in the article.

Some of the pumpkins (the scarecrows) have been themed to the location.

Small lanterns dangle from the garland. It looks like an eagle on them. The decoration isn’t as easy to see as the nautical lantern design at Disney’s Newport Bay Club.


Above the Starbucks, there is another scarecrow.

Here is the large pumpkin and scarecrow that were added after I originally published the article. The pumpkin has Woody, Jessie and Bullseye.


By the front entrance, there is also hay and pumpkins.

In back, the wagons and barrels are decorated as well.

Sunflowers are a consistent theme with Disneyland Paris Halloween.

And inside, there is a wreath and garland on the fireplace. Some pumpkins also can be found at the base.

There is only one more resort I’ve not yet posted this season, and I’ll do that tomorrow (Disney’s Sequoia Lodge).