Disneyland Paris

A Look at Davy Crockett Ranch Halloween Decorations at Disneyland Paris for 2022 Season

Hi everyone!

We just returned from several weeks at Disneyland Paris, in large part for the Halloween season. I’ve posted Halloween decorations at various Disneyland Paris resorts, but on one of our last trip days we were able to go to Davy Crockett Ranch with friends for dinner. There is no bus to get here, a car is necessary. There aren’t a lot of decorations, but there is a large pumpkin like most resorts have, as well as some garland and lanterns. Here is a look from earlier this week.

Chip and Dale carry acorns on this large pumpkin.

This is a great spot for a photo op!

Garland can be seen on the Alamo Trading Post. This was my first time at Davy Crockett Ranch and I was really impressed with the trading post, especially the variety of food and drinks that guests can purchase for their cabins.

At night, there is nice lighting on the pumpkin.

The Reception exterior also has garland. There are small lanterns like at the other resorts, with a Chip and Dale design.

At night, the Reception lanterns can be seen glowing orange. 

Chip and Dale look playful on the lanterns.

We ate at Crockett’s Tavern, and there are several Halloween desserts as well as 30th Anniversary desserts. The Captain Hook dessert is like a chocolate mousse and is surprisingly delicious.


Vampire Mickey is like a small tart with pumpkin and a Vampire Mickey chocolate piece on top. This was nice too.

We enjoyed our short visit over to Davy Crockett Ranch and hope to visit again next trip to explore a little more (and enjoy dinner again).

We do recommend Halloween at Disneyland Paris, this was our fifth time visiting for the season. And it was fun this year that all the resorts are decorated!